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How to Apply Powder Foundation Properly

Sujata Iyer
To get your makeup right, it's absolutely essential that you apply the powder foundation properly as that is the base for all the other treatment that you'll be giving your face. Here is a step by step guide to get the base of your makeup right.
Among the different types of foundations available, the most popular and probably the easiest to use is powder foundation. However, applying it can prove to be a challenge to a lot of women. If you're one of them, then this information is going to be very helpful to you.
Women have been applying makeup since ages to keep themselves looking beautiful and fresh all day long. They go to great extents to see to it that their appearance is maintained and that their complexion looks stunning and flawless at all times. At the base of this rigorous makeup ritual lies the foundation, over which any other makeup needs to be applied.
It will give you a very clear and concise tutorial on how to go about using it in the appropriate manner, so that you may reap its benefits completely and have that radiant complexion you're aiming for.

Applying Powder Foundation the Right Way

Step # 1: Pick the Right Foundation
Well, to get started, the first and the most important thing that you need to do is pick the appropriate foundation for your skin. There are basically 4 types of foundation based on their composition: pressed powder, cream to powder, liquid to powder and mineral powder.
Apart from these categories, you also have sub categories within them based on the skin types: normal, normal to dry, oily, oily to normal, etc. So, you need to be sure that the one you buy is indeed one that suits not only your skin type, but also your skin color and tone. Try out different shades, and you'll surely find one that complements your skin.
Step # 2: Cleanse your Face
Now, once you've purchased the right one for your skin, the first thing that you have to do before applying the foundation is cleanse your face thoroughly. Wash it with water, and use the cleanser that you normally use.
Go for mild cleansers as strong ones can make your skin dry and lead to cracks and wrinkles. Once you've washed your face, pat it dry gently using a soft towel. Then, use a mild toner to tone out your skin. This will help to close pores that may have opened and give you fresh and soft skin.
Step # 3: Moisturize your Face
Next, after your face is well cleansed and toned, you need to generously moisturize your face and neck. Apply a liberal amount of moisturizer and make sure that the entire face and neck are well covered.
Moisturizing the face helps to keep the skin hydrated and to withstand the dryness that the powder foundation will bring to your skin. Let the moisturizer get soaked into the skin for at least 5 minutes before you proceed to the next step.
Step # 4: Conceal the Blemishes
After you've moisturized your face, you need to conceal all the blemishes (if any) that appear on your face. Acne scars, wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, crow's feet, laugh lines, everything that you want to hide, apply the right concealer and make them invisible. Use a brush to even it out.
Step # 5: Apply the Foundation
Now, you're ready to apply the foundation on your face. You can either use a sponge to apply it or a brush. The method of application is the same.
If it's a sponge, you need to dab it in the compact and simply apply it on the face and even it out as you spread it. With a brush, all you have to do is whirl it in the compact, dust off the extra powder and proceed to apply it on your face, gently and evenly.
Concentrate on areas that need more attention and are more likely to get oily soon, like the T-zone (forehead and nose). Once you've applied enough, just use the brush to spread it evenly across your face and neck. Just gently smoothen it out. Don't apply too much, as your face could end up looking unnaturally colored and patty.
Just follow the simple instructions given and your skin is ready to be flaunted off to the world. Be careful about the kind of foundation you apply. Overlooking small things like the ingredients could turn out to be quite dangerous, especially if you're allergic to it. So be safe and get that beaming glow you want!