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How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner Correctly

Dr. Sumaiya Khan
Applying eyeliner can be a tricky thing to perform, where one would need a steady hand to do this properly. If you've been struggling to get it right, we're here to help you on how to apply pencil eyeliner without looking like a total mess after you're done.
One of the face's most catchy features are the eyes. To be able to bring out the beauty of one's eyes, eyeliner is applied in varying colors and styles. However, it is important to know how to apply makeup, for fear of looking like Bellatrix Lestrange.
The most popular kinds of eyeliners come in either pencil or liquid, where the latter is harder to apply because of its make. With practice, you'll be able to advance from pencil to liquid, after you've mastered the following steps on how to apply pencil eyeliner.

How to Choose a Good Pencil Eyeliner

Eyeliners are available in all sorts of colors and hues, where it is important to pick one that complements the rest of your eye makeup, including your outfit.
Garish colors will draw unflattering attention, where the best colors are midnight blue, chocolate brown, and of course, black. Make sure that the tip is sharpened properly and not too pointy; no splinters should be exposed, or you could end up hurting yourself.

How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner Yourself

● Always start with applying eyeliner to the top lid first, since the skin here is slightly tougher than the bottom. This also ensures that the tip is rounded for the bottom eye rim, making application safer.
● Use your dominant hand to apply an eyeliner. If you find that the tip is a little too hard to work with, warm it between your fingers or dip it in hot water, flick the tip, and then begin.
● Place the pencil close to the inner corner of your eye, following the lash line closely until you reach the other end.
● You can go over it once again to darken the line. Pencil eyeliners should be thin, not thick, since it can smudge during the course of the day and leave you raccoon-eyed; you'll need waterproof makeup instead.
● For the bottom lash, trace the inner rim of your eye, starting from the inner corner of eye.
● Follow the delicate line of skin, right to the end, where it can meet the upper line's tip.
Using waterproof makeup is advisable, since it allows makeup to sit in one place all day long, with minimal smudging. Usually, a product will mention how long it stays on, so be sure to take a closer look at the packaging. If the claims don't work, switch brands.