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How to Apply Pan-Cake Makeup

Sheetal Mandora
With the promise of thick and full coverage, the Pan-Cake makeup has come a long way since it was first used in late 1930s. As being an integral part of the makeup industry, this post is dedicated to giving our readers essential tips and guidelines on applying the Pan-Cake makeup properly.

Did You Know?

Before Pan-Cake makeup was introduced to the world, it took Max Factor almost 2 years to create and perfect the product.
All hail the lord of makeup―Max Factor―for inventing Pan-Cake makeup that first appeared in the movie Walter Wanger's Vogues of 1938. The reason behind developing the new product was because the greasepaint (yes, you did read that correctly) makeup had the tendency to leave a hint of sheen on the actors' faces.
Now that wouldn't have been an issue before, but with films being made in Technicolor, the camera would pick up reflections from other objects in the frame and make the actors' faces appear as if they have red, blue, or green tinge. And voilà! Max Factor, Jr. developed the product and debuted it with a 1937 commercial.
Today, apart from being widely popular in films, this makeup plays an essential role in theater, photography settings, and television. But, if you want to use this makeup for a personal use, you need to follow the directions for applying it correctly.

Application of Pan-Cake Foundation

As suggested by Max Factor, avoiding using the Pan-Cake foundation on bare skin. If you have ...

dry or normal skin, apply an invisible makeup foundation by MAKE UP FOR EVER, Estée Lauder, Max Factor, Sephora, and bareMinerals.

oily or sensitive skin, use astringent foundation before applying the Pan-Cake makeup. Depending on your skin type, consult with a dermatologist and/or a sales associate from your favorite makeup store to help you select one.
And now, we will go over the steps on how to apply Pan-Cake makeup.
Step 2 - Squeeze out excess water from the sponge and load it with foundation.
Step 1 - Take a clean sponge and dip it in a bowl of water..
Step 3: Using long, upward strokes, apply the foundation over your cheeks. Cover as much area as you can, and once there is no foundation left on the sponge, then only load it again.
Step 4 - Follow the same instructions for the rest of your face―neck, ears, eyelids, nose, and back of the neck.

Step 5 - After you have applied the foundation, turn the sponge over and blend the makeup properly with the unused side.

Step 6 - Let the foundation dry on its own. If you're short on time, blot the excess moisture with a facial tissue.
Step 7 - Next, load a soft puff with loose powder and glide it all over your face and neck area.

Step 8 - Turn the puff over and with the unused side, remove any excess powder that may have been left on your face. And with this final step, BAM! You just created a satin-smooth texture on your face.
Before purchasing a Pan-Cake foundation, remember to ...

Match the shade to your skin tone.
Test the foundation in person, and not make an online purchase.
Wear makeup while testing the foundation.
Ask the sales associate to do a "half face" on you.
Although the Pan-Cake makeup can appear heavy, you can still apply it and make the appearance lighter. All you have to do is keep the sponge slightly wet (not dripping wet) and apply the foundation lightly over your skin. Use a blotting paper to remove the excess moisture out immediately, and then finish with a light application of loose powder.