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How to Apply Makeup Like a Professional

Deepa Kartha
Applying makeup like a professional is a skill. It needs a professional training and a lot of practice. For those who want to master this art, this story provides useful tips about applying makeup like a thorough professional.
Makeup is considered to be an art which helps in enhancing the woman's facial features. A properly done makeup can make a woman look beautiful and gorgeous. However, there are many women who apply makeup without knowing the correct way of doing it.
The result of such an experiment can be quite horrendous as the makeup may look like a patch work. This is quite undesirable and hence, many women visit a professional makeup artist when it comes to doing makeup for some special occasions like weddings, parties, etc.
Visiting a professional every time can be an expensive affair and is not something that everyone can afford. Hence, the best alternative would be to learn the art of applying makeup like a professional. Though learning to apply makeup step by step like a professional may seem to be a difficult task, practicing it regularly can make one an expert.

Basics of Professional Makeup

Most makeup artists consider the face of a person on which they have to apply makeup as a canvas. As every artist starts painting on a clean canvas, the canvas of the makeup artist should also be clean in the same way. Hence, it is extremely important to clean the face thoroughly with a good facial cleanser as well as toner.
Once this is done, apply a moisturizer, possibly one that has a sunscreen too. After this, wait for ten minutes for the face to soak the moisturizer and prepare a perfect canvas to apply makeup correctly.


Foundation as the name suggests forms the base of the makeup. If this is not done properly, the whole makeup will go wrong. Hence, there are some important steps that one has to take while applying the foundation. The first step will be to select the perfect foundation to apply on the face.
According to experts, the best foundation is one that blends in with the skin tone and acts like a second skin. Hence, opt for a foundation that is closest to your skin tone. If you are looking for how to apply makeup for black women, selecting the foundation is the part where you have to be very careful.
Usually African-American women have several undertones in their skin and only a good foundation can give an even look to their face.
Foundations are available in different forms including cream, liquid, stick, etc. and you can select the one that you are comfortable with. Make small spots all around the face with the foundation and then blend them together with your hands or may be with a sponge.
Make sure that the foundation reaches all the areas of the face especially under the eyes, edge of the nose, ears and neck. Once you are done with the foundation, rub your palms together and press them lightly on your cheeks. This will help the foundation to set completely and give a natural look to the face.


Not many of us have the perfect skin which is free from blemishes, scars and dark circles. However, there is nothing much to worry about this as it is possible to hide them well with the help of concealers. An important tip here is that the concealer should always be a shade lighter than the foundation.
Moreover, make sure that the concealer has a yellow undertone too. Apply the concealer under the eyes, on the edge of the nose as well as on the other problem areas of the face. Once you have done this, blend the concealer well with the foundation with your fingers. Continue to do so, till the face achieves a smooth finish.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is usually followed after completing the application of foundation and concealer. Before beginning the eye makeup, apply an eye primer on the upper as well as on the lower eyelid. The advantage of applying eye primer is that it helps in allowing the eyeshadow colors to stay for a long time.
When the eye primer dries completely, one can begin the eye makeup by applying the eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow: For the eyeshadow, one should use two to three colors to achieve a professional look. The first color that you apply on your upper eyelids is called the highlighter and should be very light.
One can use colors like light pink, cream, etc. With a good eyeshadow brush, apply the highlighter from outside the eyebrow to the inside till ¾ way. Also, apply the highlighter from the inside of the eyelid, but only till halfway. This should be followed by the mid tone eyeshadow. For this, you can choose colors like browns, mid tone pinks, taupe, etc.
Apply the mid tone color on the areas where you have not applied the highlighter. Then comes the last shadow one which should be the darkest of the three like greens, darker pinks, blues, etc. Apply this from outside the eyelid till halfway inside the lid.
Then, take some highlighter on an eyeshadow brush and blend the three eyeshadow along the lines to create shadows.
Eyeliner: This should be followed by the eyeliner which is available in different forms. One can apply the eyeliner with a liquid or a pencil eyeliner. There are also different colors of eyeliners available in the market and you can use one that suits the color of your eye.
If you have very dark eyes, a black eyeliner will give a dramatic effect to your eyes. However, if you have brown or light eyes, you can experiment with colors like brown, blue, green etc.
If you want to apply a liquid eyeliner, you have to learn to apply it with a steady line so that it does not get smudged. The best way of applying the eyeliner is to draw a thin straight line as close as possible to the eyelid. To complete the eye makeup, apply a coat of mascara on the eyelashes.

Lip Makeup

After you have done the eye makeup, it is time to give some color to your lips. The color of the lipstick should be something that matches your skin tone as well as the time of the day you are applying the makeup.
For instance, for a day time makeup, applying a light colored lipstick or may be a nude shade gloss will look most appropriate. Nevertheless, for a nighttime party, it will be really great to experiment with some bold colors.
Before applying the lipstick, moisturize your lips with a lip balm and then, line your lips with a lip liner that matches with the lipstick. Once you have done this, fill your lips with the lipstick. This should be followed by the application of a blusher which adds the final touch to it.
Though there are different varieties of blushers available in the market, the best will be to use the lose powdered form. With a good brush, apply the blusher on your cheekbones as well as lightly on your chin, neck and forehead.
You may find all these instructions about makeup application quite overwhelming. However, this should not make you think that it is a difficult task. Rather practice these steps to apply makeup properly and soon you will be able to flaunt your flawless makeup at parties and special occasions.