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How to Apply Makeup for the Beach

Neha Joshi
Knowing how to apply makeup for the beach is a very simple task one can have at hand this summer. Beach makeup is the simplest form of makeup, as we need to stick to the bare minimum quantity possible. Read on to know how you can keep a number of eyes locked on you at the beach this summer!
Summertime is all about the beach, isn't it? It's all about holidaying at the beach, partying there and just having some nice time. Time to also get tanned! When you are at it, you still have to look your beautiful self, isn't it? Of course you do!
Applying makeup for the beach is really simple and shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes for the entire process. Summer and spring both demand a fresh natural look. The look has to be more natural in the summers.
So while you are at the beach, keep your makeup as simple as possible. Someone crossing you just once, shouldn't be able to see any makeup. To achieve this simple task, just continue reading through the beach makeup tips mentioned here!

How You Can Apply Makeup for the Beach

The following steps will start from your forehead and will end towards your chin. It is not necessary that you follow the steps in the same chronological order. After reading through all of them, you can start from any step that you like.
Remember, all the makeup that you apply isn't going to last you the whole day at the beach, and you might require touch-ups every now and then. Before you start with the makeup, use sunscreen on your entire face. Anything that is SPF 20 is good.
Your forehead might look as though it doesn't need much attention. However, it does need all the attention possible, specially when it is a bit large in size. Since we are going to keep the look as natural as possible, apply a little bit of foundation on your forehead and leave it there.
Use the concealer only and only if it's absolutely necessary. Don't use powdered foundation at all, as it might fall down on your nose sometimes.
Now we come to your eyes. Use a little bit of primer on your eyelids before applying the eye shadow of your choice. Try to choose a color that resembles your skin tone, maybe just a shade darker.
A silicon based primer is a better option. Use transparent mascara in the day, but if you plan on staying the night at the beach, use a brown or black. In the night, you can apply a thin line of kohl and eyeliner.
Coming down to your cheeks and cheekbone, these need some careful makeup. The best idea is to keep them bare. However, if you feel you don't have even looking skin, you can apply foundation and the concealer where you need to hide blemishes.
Throughout the day, let this be your only makeup. Being in a natural environment, it's important you look natural. During the night, you can use blush that is the shade of your skin tone and highlight the cheekbone.
Your nose is the most prominently visible part of your face. You have to make sure that it looks just fine. After the applying of sunscreen, foundation and concealer, apply just a little bit of powdered foundation or normal powder to make your nose look less oily.
You sweat the most on your nose, and this powder will help to hide just that. If you are not going to play on the beach, leave the powder out.
Your lips are one of the many parts you can enhance while at the beach. Just like you did on your eyelids, apply a little primer on your lips, which will help the gloss, lipstick or lip color to stay on your lips for a longer time.
A natural nude shade will work wonders for this beach makeup. Keeping it simple is the best way to go about it. For the night, you can treat yourself to any shade you like.
Now we come to the last part of your face, your chin. If you have oily skin, chances are you will see some sweat settled on your chin too. Follow the same steps as those mentioned for the nose. However, on the chin, you need be careful about one more thing.
Don't apply a concealer on your chin as it is hardly needed there, leaving out the chances of acne. Take a big brush, use the lightest shade of powdered foundation and apply just one very light stroke.
These simple steps will tell you how to apply makeup for the beach, once you start with them. Remember, beach makeup is all about keeping it natural.
It is very important that you don't use too much of makeup, as it might just get spoiled due to the water and all the sweating. Always keep oil blotting paper handy. Make sure you drink enough of water to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.