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How to Apply Liquid Foundation

Dr. Sumaiya Khan
Applying liquid foundation may seem like a difficult task for those who are new to makeup. Here are the guidelines for applying an even coat without too much difficulty.
Makeup helps one camouflage all visible imperfections that are present on our face and body. One of the most important constituents of a makeup kit is liquid foundation. Many women find it very difficult to apply this product, therefore give up on it completely. Here are some points that will help you apply this product in the best possible manner.

Brush Application

Use a stippling brush for this purpose, as it helps to spread the liquid foundation evenly. Pour some foundation on your palm, dip the brush in it, and apply it on your face using broad stokes.
Blend the product into your skin working from the center of the face towards the hairline. Start from the nose and move towards the hairline so that you do not look patchy near the nose and mouth. Initially, it may be a little difficult to use a brush because it takes some getting used to, so you may blend in the foundation with the help of your fingers.

Sponge Application

Apply a few drops of the foundation on the face like on the nose, cheeks, chin, and forehead. Use the sponge to blend the product into your skin, using outward strokes. The only downside of using this applicator for donning on makeup is the amount of product that gets wasted, as the sponge absorbs the foundation.

Using Fingertips

By using our fingertips, we can control the pressure and direction of the strokes used for blending the makeup.
The procedure for applying liquid makeup with a sponge and our fingertips is the same. The only difference perhaps is, that once the product is blended in properly, one may need a sponge to give the skin a finished touch.
The first few times you attempt to apply liquid foundation, you may not succeed. But with practice you will perfect the art of donning makeup. Keep your makeup as light and natural as you can to look absolutely gorgeous.