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How to Apply Lip Gloss

Saptakee Sengupta
A lip gloss is one such cosmetic that accentuates your lips without causing any harm. If you haven't applied a lip gloss before, then read this story to know the step-by-step process.
The shimmering lips, the curves etched perfectly with a liner. The gloss infusing a radiance to the lips, a little plump but intensely soft. How seductive and tempting they look. True! Your lips are one of those most coveted features of your face that require care and nourishment.
Not necessary that you always need to wear a lipstick for defining them. Women who are always in a dilemma to put on lipsticks, can opt for a lip gloss instead. It's a quick alternative to lipsticks, yet producing the same effect. You can sport a lip gloss anytime of the day without being fastidious.
Applying lip gloss is indeed a work of art, because the suavity with which you glide on the brush is just like painting the facial features of a woman on a canvas. A lip gloss is often applied over the first coat of lipsticks to achieve a more shining effect.
Applying a lip gloss is not something difficult to accomplish. Once you develop a taste for the colors and you get to know what suits you the best, you can then pick up one for regular use.

Applying Lip Gloss: Steps

You should first moisturize your lips with a lip balm or a petroleum jelly. This would keep your lips moisturized for a longer time.
  • Dab the applicator brush in the liquid and start applying on your upper lip first.
  • Extend the brush till the corners of the lip and fill up every part uniformly.
  • Dip the brush once again in the bottle to wet it with some more gloss.
  • Now come to your lower lips. Follow the same technique for your lower lip.
  • Check if you have added a full coverage to your lips.
  • If you are using a stick gloss, then you can simply glide it on your lips.
  • Now slowly press your lips against each other. This merges the gloss better.
  • Use a cotton swab or a clean napkin to wipe off gloss that has smudged out from the edges and corners of your lips.
This completes the makeup of your lips. Wasn't that easy? Within no time, you acquire a luscious and juicy pair of lips. We have provided you some additional information on choosing the right kind of lip gloss and some tips for accentuating your lips in a superior way. Take a look.

Additional Tips

A transparent lip gloss will always complement you, irrespective of whether you are wearing during the day or in the night.
  • Glossy shades of dark brown, red, crimson and bright pink are meant for wearing in the evening.
  • Lip glosses in shades of peach, light pink and light brown could be adorned anytime.
  • You can outline your lips with a liner (preferably a tone darker than your gloss) before applying the gloss. This makes the curves of your lips more prominent.
  • It's always advised to exfoliate your lips with a herbal scrub to remove the flakes from the surface. This makes your lips extra soft.
  • You can also prepare a lip gloss at home by combining equal amount of coconut oil, cocoa butter and a little beeswax. Apply this moisturizing gloss before stepping out.
  • Always buy a gloss containing vitamin E and other types of skin moisturizers.
  • Applying a lip balm prior to dabbing the gloss covers the cracks, if present on your lips.
  • If you want the gloss to stay long, then dust some loose powder over the first coat. Then apply the final coat of gloss on your lips.
Now that you know how to apply lip gloss, you can purchase a few good colors for yourself. Do not compromise the quality of the gloss with its price, because cheap brands are more likely to mar the natural texture of your lips. Follow the technique explained above along with the tips to get a perfect pair of sexy lips.