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How to Apply Gel Nails

Rohini Mohan
Gel nails give the perfect French manicure look, while extending the shape of your nails! Learn to apply gel nails at home in fast and easy steps. Read on to find out more...
Not all women are blessed with naturally strong, healthy, and pretty nails. Many, simply do not have the time or the energy to pamper their nails and go for a manicure. Fortunately, these days there are artificial alternatives available, which help you flaunt stunning nails in a jiffy!
Now, you can add dazzle to your nail painting ritual, by wearing artificial gel nails which are much in rave. These nails though unnatural have an extremely realistic appeal to them.
They are non yellowish, crack resistant, flexible and non-porous, which make them look fabulous and last really long. The best thing about these gels is that they being non porous protect the underlying nail from getting wet or infected. They are also easy to clean, which helps ensure that personal hygiene is maintained while wearing these gel nails.

Step by Step Instructions for Applying Gel Nails

► You must first wash your hands with an anti bacterial wash and then dry with a paper towel. Do not use a cloth because they carry several germs.
► You will need to clean all the nook and crannies of your natural nails in order to be able to wear the gel nails for longer periods of time.

► You will need to push your cuticle out a bit, so that sufficient space is allotted for the gel nails to be fitted.
► Now apply ample amounts of nail prep on your finger nails. This will protect your natural nails from staining and damage when the primer is applied.
► The next step will require that you apply a tiny dab of primer to the central inner portion of the gel nail. Do not apply the primer in a way that it comes anywhere close to your cuticle. The primer is to be the base on which the gel nails are to be stuck.
► Wrap a protective sheet around your nail. Apply white builder-gel on to the tips of each nail so as to create the white extension of the nail. You will need to use your brush so as to create this white extension.
► Allow the white tip to cure for 10 seconds. After which you must apply the translucent builder gel on your entire nail starting from the cuticle on to the white extension.

► Cure this gel base once again for 10 seconds.
► It is said that once the gel nails have been fixed, you should allow them to face gravity by placing your hand palms up. This allows the gel to centralize uniformly.
► After which you must let the nails dry or cure under a hot lamp so that the gel spreads uniformly and dries up faster.
► Dry each finger for five minutes or so and then apply the next coat of gel on each gel nail. You should ideally apply 3 fresh coats of gel in total, which means that two coats after the initial embedding of the gel nails onto the cuticle.

► Allow your gel nails to dry under the lamp once again until they dry off completely.
► Remember not to touch your nails or try to scrape or wipe off any excess gel residue on the gel nails while it's still drying as that would cause the nails to loosen out and eventually fall.

► Ensure that you dry your fingers without letting the gel overheat and drip. The objective is to let your nails dry and not melt.
► Now you will need to polish the gel nail with a filer so that it looks as original as possible. Wearing excessively shiny gel nails will give it away instantly that they are fake, which is definitely not the objective. So this is how you get superb gel nails at home for free!
Removing these pretty nails is a not-so-easy task, and will require a lot of patience. Therefore, get these nails done only if you intend to have them for a couple of months. These nails can withstand 4-5 months of wear and tear, after which they too will wither.
In case you do wish to get rid of these nails, you'll need to gently file your gel nails, until you can see the ridge of your original nail. A lot of dust will come out while you file these artificial nails, so be prepared for the inconvenience.
Once you reach your original nails, you'll need to dip your nails in acetone, so that the remnant of the gel nail, can soften. Dip your nails in the chemical for 10 minutes, and then gently tug at the nails, to release their grip.
Once you are done with curing your new set of gel nails, they will resemble the perfect French manicure. You may now apply nail polish on your new nails if you please, or you may flaunt them just the way they are. Hopefully this article has been descriptive and informative. Good Luck!