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How to Apply Gel Eyeliner

Naomi Sarah
With these expert tips on how to apply gel eyeliner, you'll be giving yourself the kind of makeup enhancement that works wonders to make your eyes stand out. This trend is big among makeup stylists, so run to your nearest store and try it out pronto...
Gel eyeliners are the new craze in the world of makeup, creating waves among women who want makeup application to be simple, long-lasting and of reliable quality. Gel eyeliner has an almost viscous feel to it, being thicker than ordinary liquid eyeliner in comparison.
Users have more control over a gel-based eyeliner because after all it is gel based and easier to work with when applied. It can be made to set itself in different creative styles that women can choose to try out, in order to help give their eye makeup that pop effect.
Leading brands the world over have now come out with their own lines of gel eyeliner, promoting its use as easy to apply, long-lasting and of course a woman's main concern - smudge-free.
There's a lot you can do with this new and improved eyeliner, where it doesn't necessarily take the limelight away from a good quality liquid eyeliner but merely stands out as a quick alternative when time's not on your side. It dries faster too, and gives you something easy to work with that you have more control over when applying.

How to Put on Gel Eyeliner

When applying eyeliner it is important to always try it out and get used to handling a brush, before stepping out in public. For those of you who have a knack for applying eyeliner and leaving your homes looking like a makeup artist did the job for you, then these tips should be a cinch to work on.
• Before you apply gel eyeliner, hold the first two fingers of your other hand (which isn't holding the eyeliner), against your upper lid and gently stretch the skin, to help the eyeliner brush glide over it smoothly and evenly.
• Starting from the inner corner of your eye, apply the gel eyeliner in a medium-thick stroke, applying a second coat after the first has completely dried.
• Using a good angled brush, steadily follow your lash line, thinning your strokes from the corner of your eyelid, and thickening it as you progress over the bulge of your lash line, while again tapering as you reach the end.
• You can apply two coats of this or go over the previous line for more thickness and prominence.
• Do the same for the second eye, and then step back and admire how your eyes will pop and instantly brighten. When applying eye shadow above this for a more vibrant and dramatic effect, make sure you powder the top of the gel eyeliner without touching it with the brush, or your finger.
Always dust off excess eye shadow and apply a thin layer of it no matter what kind you go with.
Gel eyeliner gives you the kind of effect that you will come to love in time, being a simple makeup accessory that does so much in a little amount of time. It makes for a perfect choice for those who do not spend hours in front of the mirror applying make up, and instead need something faster to apply on while making you look fabulous before you go out.
A lot of tutorials will show you how to apply this in stylish ways to make your eyes look like they've never looked before, using the gel eyeliner to make your eyes and face instantly pretty and clean. It saves you the trouble to visit the lady's room every 30 minutes to check if your makeup is runny, and touch ups if needed can be done in no time.
Don't toss away your liquid eyeliner but alternate between the two depending on the situation and how fast you need to get the job done.
For a variant of colors and interesting hues, check out your local makeup store for gel eyeliner that should be available. Have someone put it on for you from the store so that you can have a firsthand experience on how to wear this statement-making eyeliner in the future.