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How to Apply Airbrush Makeup

Priya Johnson
Airbrush makeup is touted for its lightness, hygienic, and long-lasting attributes. No longer is this technique confined to the glamour world, but is gaining popularity as a do-it-yourself technique at home.
Airbrush makeup is known for imparting a flawless finish effortlessly. A few drops of foundation, blush, etc. is enough to get an exemplary finish in just under a minute.
What Is Airbrush Makeup?
Silicone-based airbrush makeup is ideal in humid and hotter climates. It can last for about 24 hours without losing its shine and integrity.
This type of makeup-equipment consists of three parts; compressor, airbrush gun/stylus, and airbrush paints. This equipment is expensive, but better quality is worth the price in this case.
Airbrush Equipment
A cleansing liquid also comes with the kit, which is used to rinse out and clean the stylus before adding fresh liquid makeup.
Steps for Applying Airbrush Makeup
As in the case of any makeup application, before airbrushing, you need to wash and cleanse your face. Use a face wash or face scrub that suits your skin type. Gently pat dry with a soft towel.
Step 1: Wash, Exfoliate, and Dry
Primer is the base of any makeup application. Next, apply concealer. Dab, don’t rub the concealer onto your face.
Step 2: Primer and Concealer
Allow the primer and concealer to settle in before moving onto the next step. Inadequate drying time can affect the quality of the makeup.
Before you begin the airbrushing routine, you should wash your stylus, with the help of the airbrush cleanser that comes with the kit.
Step 3: Clean the Airbrush Gun
Allow the cleanser to spray through the nozzle onto a towel or rag. Use this time to get acquainted with the stylus, the control lever, and the air pressure.
Foundation is available in different skin tone shades. Choose one that suits your skin tone the best.
Step 4: Airbrush Foundation
Remember, unlike in traditional makeup, you only need a few drops of foundation. You can also use a blend of different shades to get a skin tone shade suitable for you.
Start by airbrushing at the side of your face to gain control of the technique. Hold the stylus at a distance of 6 inches from the face, and gently apply pressure on the lever.
Step 5: Airbrushing Technique
Move the stylus in a gentle, quick circular pattern around your face. The lever on the stylus will help control the flow of makeup spray.
Bronzers are used to give a glow to the skin. Apply it after the foundation layer. Different bronzer shades come with the kit, suitable for different skin tones.
Step 6: Bronzer Application
Pour the cleansing water and clean the gun valve before adding the bronzer into it. Always clean the valve before adding fresh makeup.
Airbrushing your eyebrows is slightly tricky. Use stencils to ensure the perfectly airbrushed eyebrows. Apply low pressure on the lever, to avoid over-spraying.
Step 7: Eye Makeup

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It’s best to first get the face makeup on before you move to eye makeup, simply to prevent face makeup from spraying onto the eye makeup. Eye shadow shields help prevent makeup from spreading to the face.
Airbrush makeup sets on contact, however, always give your skin a minute or two before adding the next layer. With a bit of trial and error and lots of practice, airbrushing will become an essential part of your makeup routine.