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How to Achieve Natural Beauty and Confidence

Here are a few ways to look and feel better every day.
Paisley Hansen
Confidence and natural beauty go together, and most people would like a little more of both. The good news is, even minimal time and effort can have maximum effect.

Do It Yourself

Cosmetics companies don’t want you to know it, but good looks start with the simplest habits. Stand up straight with shoulders back and you will convey an air of confidence. Smile and others will immediately perceive you as being more attractive. You will be treated better as smile makes you appear sincere and reliable.
Use quality products to take care of your skin and hair. Blemish-free skin allows you to forgo foundation, concealer and powder yet still look fresh. Shiny hair, cut and styled to accentuate your best features helps you look polished. Wear clothes that are in impeccable shape—repair rips, eliminate stains, get rid of outdated or sloppy garments.
To keep clothes looking new as long as possible, follow washing and drying instructions to the letter.

Get Professional Help

You don’t have to pile on makeup every day, but sometimes you feel better after a little sprucing up. Play up your best features with a professional procedure and you can save time each day yet still look your best. Short, angled or light eyelashes can be dyed and curled; an eyelash lift can give you the look you want without all the hassle of extensions.
Microblading is an ideal way to achieve natural looking eyebrows with the perfect arc. Dying hair can cover the aged look of grays and adding lighter strands near the front can brighten and soften your face. It is better to invest an hour at an appointment once every month or two than to dislike what is in the mirror every day.

Use Color to Your Advantage

Colors are subject to whims of trends and fads but looking your best is always in style, so stock your wardrobe with shades that work well with your natural color. If yellow makes you look nauseated, don’t wear it; if blue brings out your eyes, wear every shade you can find. Which colors look best is dictated by your skin tone.
Whether you are warm, cool or neutral, many colors can give you a vibrant, glowing appearance. If you don’t seem to fit into any one category, don’t worry—experiment, have some fun and favor the colors that flatter you. If you feel beautiful, you probably look so, too.

Stay Fit

Many of the traits we find attractive—clear skin, luxurious hair, thin but muscular bodies—are indicators of overall fitness. In other words, healthy is beautiful. Therefore, the best things you can do for your looks are the things you do for your well-being.
Eat nutritious foods: lean proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables of all colors, whole grains and plenty of water. Exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week.
Maintain a healthy weight, rather than allowing weight to fluctuate more than five pounds over the course of half a year; doing so will not only help you avoid heart issues but will also prevent stretch marks, excess skin and flab.
Another crucial habit is getting enough sleep—to avoid dark under-eye circles, sallow skin and acne, aim for around seven hours of quality sleep per night.

Be Yourself

Some traits are universally considered favorable, such as facial symmetry; however, many physical characteristics are up for debate. In fact, approximately half of your features will appear attractive to some people and unattractive to others. It is impossible to fill everyone’s idea of the ideal person—which means you can quit trying.
Social media and mainstream media tend to bombard you with messages that you are not young, pretty, or glamorous enough. Ignore these! Be yourself and hold your head high. As long as you are true to yourself you will be beautiful inside out.