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The Right Haircut for My Face Shape

Pragya T
Is the question "what is the right haircut for my face shape" always on your mind? Then use these pointers to find a right haircut for you.
A haircut is something that everybody needs every few months. It may be just a trim or it might be a totally new style, to get a new look.
A haircut should be selected carefully, as a wrong haircut which doesn't suit you means you will still have to wear your hair that way till it grows, or you will need to cover up your new undesirable haircut with a cap/hat or tie it up.
So, to avoid these haircut disasters, it is important that you learn what kind of haircut is right for you. Here is a simple quiz for men and women, that will give you important pointers about the kind of haircut you should go for.
When it comes to getting a new haircut, there are four important things you need to remember. First of all, understand what face shape you have, and then go for corresponding haircuts. Next, comes the hair length. Depending upon the current hair length, or the hair length you desire, you will need to select your haircut.
Now comes the lifestyle factor, which means if you will be able to get a haircut which needs a lot of maintenance daily, or do you want to go for short haircut which is less on maintenance. It depends on whether you have a hectic lifestyle or a relaxed one where you can spare few minutes grooming your hair. Lastly, comes your hair type.
As there are some haircuts which look good on fine hair, while some on thick hair.

Choosing the Right Haircut for Men

So, first figure out the right hairstyles for your face shape. Common face shapes for men are oval, round, triangular, square, pear, diamond, and oblong. Then figure out which kind of hairstyle suits your face shape, so that it highlights the best facial features you have and tones down the attention to other very prominent features. Take a look at men's hairstyles, to see what are the various types of haircuts for men.
So, consider the above mentioned four factors. The haircuts for men are more than you think. Some examples are crew cuts, buzz cuts, Caesar cut, and short spiky cuts which are least on maintenance. Then comes medium hairstyles like Mohawk and the trendy layered styles. If you have wavy curly hair, then go with some layers and bangs. You can also consider a modern mullet if you have long hair.

Choosing Haircut Pointers for Women

Same goes for women, and the first question to consider is "how should I cut my hair for my face shape?". So, look for suitable hairstyles for your face shape. The different face shapes for women are oval, round, oblong, square, heart, diamond, and pear shape. So, figure out what is your face shape and then look online to see haircuts for girls which match your face shape.
Women can select from various short and long haircuts. If you have a hectic schedule, then go with least maintenance cuts, like pixie or bob. The inverted bob is very in, and easy to maintain. Then, there are long layered styles, or beautiful curly bohemian styles. Women with short hair can also go with some flapper styles, which are becoming popular again.
But if you have medium hair, then the options are layered cuts, razor cuts, or asymmetrical trendy cuts. No matter what kind of haircut you get, pair it with some sort of bangs, to add more style to your haircut.
So, seek a good stylist, get a beautiful haircut which suits you, and enjoy your new look. Make sure you style the haircut with the right technique and product to make it look great everyday!