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How Fast Does Tanning Oil Work

Urvashi Pokharna
If you are not big on visiting tanning booths or using self-tanning sprays to get the perfect just-back-from-a-beach complexion or maintain your vacation tan, there are other ways too! You can use a tanning oil and tan yourself at home!
Now tanning without the sun damage is no more a dream! You can get a 'peaches and cream complexion' too like your favorite celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, and Hugh Jackman!
You don't really have to spend money on tanning salons that burn a hole in your pocket while causing extensive damage to your skin too with harmful ultraviolet rays. All you have to do is get a tanning lotion or oil from a convenience store close to you.

What are Tanning Oils?

Tanning lotions or oils are all those skin-care cosmetic oils that help you achieve a tan and may or may not contain sun protection factor (SPF).
The ones for indoor tanning purposes are generally the ones that lack any SPF protection in them. They help you tan by bringing blood to the surface of your skin and stimulating melanin production to darken the complexion. They give a slight tingling sensation once applied. Beware, as it may irritate sensitive skin by excessive reddening.
The oils that are meant for outdoor purposes contain sun protection to protect against damage caused by free radicals produced in the skin by exposure to harmful rays of the sun. There is a wide variety in the market under different brand names.
Some of them also contain bronzers that give off a brown tone to the skin that last up to a week. A good tanning lotion will also contain intense hydrating agents like vitamin E, glycerin, coconut oil and cocoa butter.

How Quickly Does Tanning Oil Work?

Generally, this oil does not give any protection against the sun. Hence, they work by attracting more attention of ultraviolet (UV) rays to the skin and accelerate their intensity on the skin.
This creates a bronzing effect that lasts until all the skin sheds these cells. The effect of these oils is slower on fairer skin than darker skin due to slow production of melanocytes. Many people also use these oils in tanning salons and after getting their tans to maintain or intensify it.
Apply tanning lotion or oil in liberal quantities all over your body, the next time you are on the beach. Your tan will last you for about 2 weeks. You can extend the application to a few more days to further deepen the tan.
On fairer skin that has a pale tone, this oil can give your complexion a vibrant look. However, it may take more than one day's sun exposure to stimulate melanin in the skin as the amount of melanocytes found in fair skin are very low. In such a case, make sure your tanning lotion contains tanning accelerators, like amino acid tyrosine.
Have patience while using a tanning oil. Do not expect salon like tanning results. These oils tan your skin as much as it can handle without burning it. Also, if you cover half the parts of your body, it will most likely leave tanning lines.
Always remember to keep your skin hydrated by using a heavy-duty moisturizer to avoid skin peeling caused by sun damage. If you hate spending tons of your hard-earned money laying on tanning beds, you can even make your own tanning oil at home! It is economical and simple to make!
All types of tanning methods have side effects. But, the concentration of UV rays from tanning lotions or oils is not as high as that in tanning booths which makes it a great product to achieve a sun-kissed glow.