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Craig Middleton
When growing older, your skin may start developing small dark spots. It is normal to get these spots since it is a reaction by your body from exposure to the sun. The age spots become visible mostly when an individual becomes 50 years old. When the age spots irritate you, you can get rid of them using the following ways.

Medicated Creams

You can purchase some medicated creams after consulting the doctor and apply them while at home. Often, the doctor will recommend retinoids, mild steroids, or hydroquinone. These medications will help you by fading the age spots after several months of application.
When you are employing at least one of these topical medications, it is prudent to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen having a minimum of 30 SPF. Doing this will aid in the minimization of the sun damage to your skin. The creams can strongly affect your skin and result in redness, itching, dryness, and burning. These effects are only temporary.
There are other tropical fade creams that you can purchase to apply on your skin. When buying them, ensure that they contain kojic acid, glycolic acid, and hydroquinone. Besides, some of the creams can irritate your skin more so the ones containing hydroquinone. Similarly, there are some makeups you can apply when you are uncomfortable using these creams.

Intense Pulsed And Laser Light Therapy

The therapy will aid in the destruction of the cells that aid in making melanin. During the treatment, the surface of your skin will be unharmed. To get the full effect, you will be required to visit the doctor three or two times to carry out the treatment.
Your age spots will start fading after several months or weeks of treatment. The therapy has some side effects as your skin may be discolored temporarily. After you get treated, you should apply sunscreen or employ any other sun protection forms daily.


How can you get rid of age spots on your skin? You can use cryotherapy. In cryotherapy, the doctor will use a freezing solution like liquid nitrogen using a cotton-tipped swab on the age spots on your skin. The procedure is done to ensure that it destroys some of the color pigments in the age spots.
Your skin will be lighter when it heals. Often, the procedure gets done when you have a small cluster or a single age spot on your skin. You might experience discoloration, permanent scarring, or skin irritation. It has effects that will not last for long, and sometimes they do not manifest.

Microdermabrasion And Dermabrasion

During dermabrasion, the surface of your skin is sanded down or planed using a brush that spins faster. The surface of your skin gets removed to pave the way for a new layer of the skin to grow. For you to experience maximum results, your therapist can conduct it periodically.
In microdermabrasion, the treatment spans over several months to realize the full effects. Often, it is not as intense as dermabrasion. After the procedure, your age spots will look quite lighter. However, when there are small red veins or rosacea on your face, the treatment will make them appear worse.

Do What it Takes

When you carry out these treatments, the age spots will disappear, and you will have clear skin.