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Hormonal Acne Cures

This story provides some information about hormonal acne. It also includes some cures that are believed to be effective for this condition.
Dr. Sumaiya Khan
Hormonal acne is a problem that affects people of every gender and age group. It is a problem that often occurs when there is any kind of hormonal imbalance in the body. In fact, the most common causes of acne is hormonal imbalance in the body.
Rarely is the cause of acne purely dermal. Most of the acne problems afflict women and teenagers. However, what people scramble with most is a cure for hormonal acne. Hormonal acne cures are hard to come by.
Although results using various treatment regimes for this skin condition vary for different people, most people manage to bring their acne under control using a combination of treatment options.

Home Remedies

Home remedies are considered to be the best treatment for hormonal acne. In natural acne cures, one can use things available at their home, thus, making it effective and easy to do. Here are a few remedies:
  • Take lemon juice and mix it with plain cold water or rose water. This is to be applied for about half an hour and then washed off. If it burns too much, or if there is excessive redness observed, then wash immediately.
  • Rub ice on the affected areas. This helps to restrict the blood flow in the acne and thus, decreases the redness and inflammation. This is a good acne prevention measure.
  • Apply garlic in the affected areas. One may leave it overnight provided it doesn't cause too much of burning or discomfort.
  • Early morning saliva is believed to help cure this condition. Before brushing, apply a bit of your saliva on the affected area and then, wash it off after fifteen minutes. Saliva in its natural state contains various enzymes which help fight any kind of infection.¬†
  • Although this option may make people squirm at the very thought of it, it is believed to be the most effective and easy of all cures. Also, use of toothpaste on acne helps abate the condition.Use of crushed neem leaves helps in treating it. This is one of the said to be one of the most highly effective and simple cures.
  • Honey and cinnamon can also be used as a cure. It is considered to be one of the best acne treatments.
  • A face mask of sandalwood and rose water can also be highly effective.
  • One of the best and most effective remedies of all includes rubbing papaya pulp on one's face. Leave this on for about half an hour and then wash off. One should follow it religiously, in order to obtain the desired results.
Topical Creams and Face Washes
It is important to regularly wash your face if you have, as any excess sebum or oil on the face could lead to further breakouts. There are certain face washes, among a plethora of skin care products available in the market, that are helpful in abating this condition.
These include face washes that have tea tree oil, Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs, and aloe vera. Topical creams which are antiseptic or antibacterial in nature are also very good cures. Most dermatologists recommend vitamin A rich creams or creams containing benzoyl peroxide for topical application.

Drugs and Medicines

Drugs are mostly prescribed in severe cases of hormonal acne, that is, cases where there is almost no respite observed despite trying out various treatment options. Thus, this option is used only as a last resort. Use of mild birth control pills is a commonly used adult hormonal acne treatment regime.
However, overuse of these pills could lead to severe side effects in women, hence, they should be taken only occasionally. Also, women who are planning to start a family should stop taking these pills at least six months before conception. These pills act by countering the effect of androgens in the body.

Diet Changes

It is often said that the skin is a reflection of what one eats. Hence, for proper and complete cure from this skin condition, one needs to have a good diet consisting of green leafy vegetables, as these are rich in anti-oxidants, which help fight this condition and thus, help in keep it in control.
There are also certain foods which have been proven to cure this problem, such as bitter gourd, salads, and fruits rich in vitamin C.
Following the aforementioned tips might prove beneficial. However, one must also make other lifestyle-related changes that include following an exercise regimen and refraining from smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol in order to achieve beautiful and flawless skin.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.