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Honey Highlights for Brown Hair

Aparna Jadhav
Honey highlights for brown hair, is the perfect choice if you have brown hair and want to make it look attractive without coloring it completely. Find some great ideas for the same mentioned in the story below.
Your hair looks great in its original color, but sometimes you could use a change of shade. Brown being one of the most neutral hair colors, it is very popular among young girls and women. While getting a complete change in hair color remains to be a favorite of many women, some like to keep their original hair color with a few highlights here and there!
Hair highlights or streaks are a perfect way to get a color change, accentuate the original color and style your hair with a new look. Brown hair is a great example of getting highlights since the natural color looks great, making the highlights prominent.
There are many colors used for highlighting brown hair, such as blonde, burgundy, purple, etc., however, honey is the most widely chosen as highlights for brown hair.

Honey Highlights

There are many different shades in the color brown, such as brunette, chestnut brown, chocolate brown, golden brown, auburn, etc., which range from light, medium to dark. All these browns have some particular complementary colors which can combined in case you are thinking of highlights.
The honey brown hair color which is a mixture of blonde and brown is a great color for highlighting brown hair.
This hair color looks great on any type of brown hair, such as straight, soft and deep curls. Honey highlights for brown hair also make you look younger and give your face a stylish appearance. In the paragraphs mentioned below, you will read more about how these honey highlights can be used on the various shades of brown hair.

For Dark Brown Hair

As mentioned above, there are darker and lighter shades of brown in natural hair colors, and the darker shades include; deep brunette, chocolate and auburn. These shades are slightly darker than the other browns found among many women. The color of honey is slightly golden which looks perfect on the darker brown background.
Therefore, if you are someone looking for hair highlights for dark brown hair, honey could be your pick. There are many patterns of highlighting which can be followed in order to accentuate both, your original and highlight colors.

For Medium Brown Hair

Medium brown hair colors include shades like hazelnut, apricot, chestnut brown and a slight golden brown/rust hair color.
These are a medium shade and look great would honey highlights, as the honey hair color gives a very slight change of shade and looks as good as natural hair. If you have any of these colors as your original color, you could get a few highlights around the hair, bangs or just the tips to make the difference evident.
Therefore, if you are not looking for a vast difference in your hair color, but a mild change, honey is yet again your pick!
It also gives your brown hair a slight shine, so you can enjoy your glamorous highlights. If you remember the casual hair of "Ally McBeal", you will know the exact combination of light brown hair with honey highlights. She had wonderful honey gold highlights for medium brown hair.

For Light Brown Hair

Light ash brown or light brown are the two light shades of brown hair color. Honey on the other hand is a mixture of blonde and dark brown color, has the ability to accentuate lighter shades of brown as well. The light browns are soft and a very rare hair color, which doesn't have many choices for highlights.
Therefore, when you use honey, it nullifies the lightness with a slightly darker shade of brown and makes the facial skin look fairer. Honey can be a great choice for hair highlights for light brown hair.
So, if you want to share that look, go get yourselves these excellent honey highlights. But make sure, you check if these highlights suit your skin tone, as you don't want to be the victim of a hair color blunder!