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Fabulous Honey Blonde Highlights

Pragya T
Honey blonde highlights are a good choice, if you don't wish to go for something too loud, but will still have good luster. Mentioned in this write-up are useful tips, on getting these streaks.
Honey blonde is a shade that merges well as highlights, with any base hair color. One can go with this on lighter blonde hair, darker hair like brown or black, or even auburn hair. It is a shiny hair color, not as interesting as golden or platinum blonde hair; neither is it too subtle like ash blonde.
It is a great option for highlights. It will stand out well, and give a great textured look, that will be noticeable but not loud. Here are some important tips you should remember while coloring, and caring your highlighted hair.

Suitable For ...

Honey blonde highlights suit people with complexion as either dark brown, medium complexion with golden undertones or medium complexion with light pink color in the cheeks.
Pale complexion with pink undertones or no color, olive complexion is seen in Asians and Latinos or bronze or brown complexion after tanning.It can go with people who have eye color such as dark blue, dark brown, grayish blue, blackish brown, or hazel colored with light flecks in them. Such people can go with a medium or dark shade of honey blonde.
People who fall in the warm skin tones category and eye tones, should go with lighter shades. Because, such people generally have warmer hair colors, on which bright shade of highlights look good.
People that fall in this category can have skin tone that can be a freckled complexion, pale complexion with peach or golden undertones, brown skin with pink or golden undertones, or a ruddy complexion. The eye color can be hazel with brown or golden flecks, greenish blue eyes, green eyes, or golden brown eyes.


The most flattering haircut for highlighted hair color is layers. You can cut your hair in a number of layers or go with the standard side layered haircut, and accompany it with 12 or more streaks.
You can go with more layers near the crown and less at the ends. This way you can work in layers of highlights too, you can add more streaks at the crown and bangs, and less below the hair under the crown.

Additional Styling

To add more uniqueness, you can consider going for a multi-tonal effect. This is an especially good idea if you have black hair, as it will help to blend the highlights even more perfectly. You can add few highlights of brown and dark blonde along with the honey blonde ones.

Caring Your Colored Hair

To maintain your colored hair for a long time, prevent exposure to sunlight. Also, use mild shampoos and conditioners. To maintain your haircut, you may need to visit the stylist every 3 - 4 weeks, depending on the hair growth.
So, select the right shade of colors, so that it matches with your complexion, and doesn't make your face look pale or too bright. Also, accompany a good layered honey blonde hairstyle, and enjoy your new look!