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Homemade Skin Whitener

Mamta Mule
Everyone loves to have fair complexion. While some have God gifted fair complexion, others struggle for it. There are many ways to have a fairer skin. Well, here are some homemade skin whiteners that you can opt for.
Fair skin is considered as an asset by many people. Though the same is not true, fair complexion is one of the primary features of a beautiful look. Surprisingly, people with fair skin too, put in their best efforts to make the skin whiter. A lot of things can be done to lighten your skin tone.
Various skin whitening products like skin creams, lotions, etc. are available in the market, but many people prefer using homemade skin whiteners as these don't have any side effects and give lasting results. So, let us check out these natural skin whitening remedies.


Take a few almonds and soak them overnight. Remove the soaked almonds from water in the morning and grind them. Take fresh milk in a small bowl, add it to almond paste, and mix well. Apply this mixture on your face and neck. Wash your face with water after 20 minutes. Use this mask at least thrice a week.
Soak almonds in a bowl of water overnight and grind them to make a paste in the morning. Add egg white and a few drops of lemon to the almond paste. Apply this pack on face, leave it on skin for 15 minutes, and then wash off.
Soak almonds overnight and make a paste in the morning. Add honey to it and apply over your skin. Don't let it dry completely. Start scrubbing your face gently after 10-15 minutes, and then wash it off. You can see the glow on your skin after using this face pack.


Lemon juice has a mild bleaching action on your skin. Just cut a lemon and rub it over your skin. You can also squeeze lemons into a bottle and store lemon juice in refrigerator. Apply this juice on your skin when you are sitting free. It shows very good results when used on dark elbows, under arms and knees. This is an easy to use homemade skin bleaches.
Take equal amount of lemon juice and cucumber juice. Mix them well and add a pinch of turmeric powder to this solution. Apply the solution over your skin, using a cotton pad. Leave it for about half an hour and then wash off with lukewarm water.


Take sandalwood powder in a bowl and add rose water to make a thick paste. Apply a layer of this paste on your skin with a spatula. Wash the skin with water once the paste dries and have a brighter and lighter looking skin.
In a bowl, take sandalwood powder. Add equal amounts of lemon juice, tomato juice and cucumber juice to it. Mix all the ingredients properly and apply the paste. Let it dry properly. Now, clean your face and see the difference.


Take thick yogurt in a bowl. Apply it on your skin and leave it till it dries completely. Now wash off your face with warm water. Its repeated use will result into a soft and fairer skin.


Collect orange peels in a plate and keep them in the Sun for drying. Once they are completely dry, grind them using a mixer grinder to have powder of these orange peels. Add fresh milk to the powder and make a paste. Apply this paste on your skin and rinse with lukewarm water after 25 minutes. Using this paste regularly will lighten your skin tone.


Potato juice has bleaching agents which work perfectly on your skin, making it even and fairer. Pigmentation and blemishes are also reduced by its regular use. You can apply potato juice over your skin everyday to get the best results.
These mentioned whitening packs for skin will not only give a fairer complexion, but also help to make it even and blemish free. Most of the aforementioned remedies also treat suntan. Avoid skin exposure to sun-rays by using sun protection umbrellas, jackets, hats, etc. You need to use skin lighteners regularly to maintain the effect.
Even if you have a fair skin, you can use these mentioned remedies once in a fortnight to have a radiant skin. Regular skin care is the mantra for a glowing and fair skin.