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Homemade Face Masks for Oily Skin

There are some excellent homemade face masks for oily skin that can make your skin healthy and glowing. Here are some of the most effective ones.
Bidisha Mukherjee
An oily skin can be identified with its shine and greasy feeling. Those who have this skin type keep complaining about the disadvantages associated with it. The oily feeling comes because of excess of sebum released by the oil glands. This attracts lots of dirt and grime, and keeping the skin clean is a big challenge.
Moreover, the oil often clogs up the skin pores and results in the formation of blackheads, acne, and other skin blemishes. When this skin type is not taken care of, the pores become more visible and the skin looks dull.
To keep the radiant look of your facial skin intact, you must use some homemade face masks regularly. The best part of using such products is that they can be used without any fear of side effects. Here are a few recipes of easy homemade masks for oily skin:

Strawberry Yogurt Mask

Main ingredients for this mask are strawberry and plain yogurt. Take 4-6 neatly washed strawberries in a bowl and mash them with a fork. Pour 1 tablespoon yogurt into it and mix well for a smooth paste of uniform consistency to apply on the face.

Egg White and Avocado Mask

You need an egg, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, and half an avocado. Break the egg and separate its white from the yolk. Take the egg white in a small bowl and beat it thoroughly.
Mash the piece of avocado so that you get a soft pulp. Then put the beaten egg, lemon juice, and mashed avocado in a blender and mix well. Apply on your face after you cleanse and tone your skin.

Cucumber Oatmeal Mask

You require 1 small-sized cucumber, 1 cup oatmeal, and 1 teaspoon of yogurt. Put sliced cucumber and the other two ingredients in a blender and make a paste of uniform consistency. This mask cleanses the skin pores well, so it should be used at least twice a week.

Honey and Apple Mask

Wash the apple, peel off its skin, and cut it into thin slices. Place the cut pieces with 3 tablespoons of honey into a blender. Blend it well to get a smooth paste. The astringent quality of the honey present in this mask helps in tightening up the skin pores.

Cinnamon and Nutmeg Mask

This mask for oily skin consists of honey, cinnamon, and nutmeg powder.
Blend 1 teaspoon of finely grounded cinnamon powder, 2 teaspoons of honey, and 1 teaspoon of nutmeg powder in a blender. This is one of the best face masks for acne prone skin. Here cinnamon acts as skin exfoliating agent, and honey reduces skin inflammation caused by pimples. It is good for acne scar removal too.

Baking Soda Mask

Those who are bothered by frequent outbreaks of blackheads should use a face mask made of baking soda and water.
Prepare a thick paste by mixing up 3 tablespoons of baking soda and water. Massage this paste gently all over the facial skin for few minutes to get rid of the blackheads. After that, keep it for 10 minutes before you wash it off.
Before you use any of these masks, you must cleanse your face thoroughly. You should keep the facial mask for about 10-15 minutes. After you rinse it, you must apply a good quality oil free moisturizer on your face using a just the tip of your fingers to improve blood circulation.