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Home Remedies for Wrinkles

Gagan Dhillon
If the laugh lines are reminding you of the good old days and the frown lines reminding you of all the situations that angered you, then it's time to take some action against wrinkles. This story helps with some home remedies that might prove beneficial.
Aging is inevitable, along with age comes the signs of wisdom that one has gained through the years. All the frowns and smiles show up on the face, hiding the secrets of one's lives in their folds. Wrinkles are more than just creases on our faces, they are the mascots of the happy and sad times in our lives.
But there is always time for reminiscing, this is not it, this is the time to live and experience. Here are some home remedies that one can try, in order to banish the tell tale signs of age.
These remedies are mentioned according to the area's they affect. All in all, timely care is of the utmost importance as far as treating it on face is concerned. Some common ones are a paste of vitamin E, honey, egg white, and yogurt applied to the face, drinking loads of water, and applying flax seed or castor oil on the skin.

For Eyes

Crows feet are the tiny lines that surface near the eyes. Every time we smile or squint, these lines appear. With age they become more prominent. The best way to avoid the same is to stay clear of the sun, and wear sunglasses to avoid squinting in the sunlight. Wrinkles under eyes can be prevented by following a healthy diet which is rich in vitamin A.
Treating this condition under eyes is very simple and the most important thing to do is to cut down on smoking. A smoker tends to wrinkle faster because the smoke robs the skin of oxygen, especially the area around the lips. Applying whipped egg whites on the face might prove beneficial.
Some people also stretch the skin around the forehead a lot, which may result in creases between the eyebrows. Applying ice may help. Increase your water intake to keep the skin hydrated. Keeping cut potato or cucumber on the eyes is also known to be very effective in reducing them. Tea bags dipped in cool water help relax the eyes and aid in the prevention.

On Forehead

Some facial exercises can really make a lot of difference. Applying castor oil on the forehead also helps reduce these creases. A mixture of honey and yogurt works wonders. One can also apply tomato juice on the forehead to minimize this condition.

Around the Mouth

Treating the creases around the mouth, can be quite tricky. However, omega-3 fatty oils are believed to be very effective for this purpose. That means your daily diet must be rich in fish. Applying Aloe vera is also one of the natural cures.
One can try using honey and egg white paste which is considered to be very effective in treating the same. Moreover, you must always remember to keep your facial skin moisturized to prevent and reduce this condition.
For treatment of these creases, honey is said to be one of the most effective herbal remedies.
Following the aforementioned remedies, might prove beneficial. Along with these, you have to take good care of your skin in youth by having a healthy diet, exercising well, and getting enough sleep.