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Home Remedies for Dry Lips

Chandramita Bora
Home remedies like honey, shea butter, and purified butter can help keep the lips moisturized, and prevent dryness and chapping. You can find out the basics of lip care, and some simple home remedies for dry lips, in this post.
Your lips are almost always the first part of your body to suffer from the dryness of winter. Winter makes the lips dry and chapped by removing moisture from them. Many people think that the application of a lip balm a few times a day is sufficient to keep their lips healthy and moisturized.

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However, this is a wrong notion, as lips are very delicate and hence, they need some extra care to look healthy and beautiful. A lack of proper care can easily dry the skin of the lips, and makes it prone to chapping and cracking.

Basics of Lip Care

The lips need to be kept well-hydrated and well-moisturized for preventing chapping. So, it is important to drink plenty of water throughout the day, as water helps maintain the moisture level of not only the lips, but the skin of the entire body as well.
Along with drinking enough water, be sure to follow a balanced diet. The lack of essential nutrients in your diet can also manifest in dull and lifeless lips, while a diet rich in nutritious food like fruits and vegetables can make your lips soft and rosy.
During the winter months, your lips may need some extra care. Lip balms can be an excellent product for this purpose. They can keep the lips well-moisturized and protect them from the dry climatic conditions. Many lip balms can also provide protection against the damaging effects of sunlight. It is usually recommended that one should apply a lip balm with an SPF 15, before going out in the sun.
Like lip balms, a lip gloss can also moisturize your lips, besides giving them a bit of color and shine. As far as lipsticks are concerned, you can use the creamy lipsticks if your lips are dry and prone to cracking. Otherwise, you can apply a moisturizer-based lipstick before using the dry ones. The habit of licking the lips should be strictly avoided, as this habit can further dry your lips by removing the natural oils from them.

Remedies for Dry Lips

Some effective home remedies for chapped and dry lips are enlisted below.
  • Use purified butter or ghee to treat dry and cracked lips. Just warm the purified butter slightly before applying it on your lips. It is considered a natural lip balm for getting soft and beautiful lips.
  • Honey is renowned for its moisturizing properties. Along with moisturizing, honey can help heal cracked and chapped lips. It can be applied before bed time or at any other time of the day.
  • Milk cream is one of the most effective home remedies for chapped lips. It can help remove dead skin cells to reveal softer and smoother lips.
  • You can also get rid of dry and chapped lips by applying aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel can moisturize and exfoliate the lips to alleviate dryness and cracks.
  • For excessively dry lips, you can try castor oil. On the other hand, shea butter is an excellent product for sensitive lips.
  • Honey mixed with glycerin can also moisturize dry lips and promote the healing of cracks.
  • Apply a mixture of virgin olive oil and beeswax on your lips. Both of these ingredients should be mixed properly unless you get a smooth paste.
  • To increase the moisture level of your lips, you can use tea bags. Just dip a tea bag in hot water, and wait for a few seconds till it becomes lukewarm. Now, press it over the lips.
  • To enhance the color of your lips, you can apply a paste of rose petals. First, soak the rose petals in milk for a few hours, after which grind them to make a fine paste and then apply on the lips.
Along with using these home remedies, never forget to follow a diet containing food rich in vitamin A, B, iron, and essential fatty acids. As far as the lip care products are concerned, be sure to buy them from a reputed manufacturer. You can do some research on the various brands to find out a good quality lip care product that does not contain any harmful chemicals.