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Home Facial Sauna

Hemangi Harankhedkar
You must have heard about the benefits of a sauna treatment for skin and overall rejuvenation. How about trying the sauna facial treatment at home? Have you not tried it yet? Read through this article for all the information about it.
Your face conveys a lot about you, and your health too. Now, you wake up one morning and look in the mirror, the mirror reflects a horrible looking you. Your skin is plain dull; with dirt clogged pores and acne making it look all more worse. Your face is lacking that glow, the color of your skin is dull and pale. Skin problems are common in the current generation, and they build up due to consistent negligence towards skin care. There are a plenty of factors that can worsen skin worries - polluted air, wrong food habits, and inconsistent sleep patterns.
There is no single solution for your skin problems. Magazines, skin care experts, your neighbor, and even me, we all echo the same advice for skin care - drink plenty of water, eat right and healthy, exercise, and yes, follow an effective skin care regimen.
You all are knowledgeable about the right skin care techniques, the amount of water to drink, and the importance of sweating for skin. Sweating cleans the pores, flushing the dirt that gets locked inside.
You must be aware of the benefits of a sauna; the steam in a sauna room works wonders for the skin, leaving you with a refreshed feeling. And what is a facial sauna all about? Let us see.

FAQs about Home Facial Sauna

What is a facial sauna?

A facial sauna is based on the working of a 'sauna', that is, it also harnesses the power of steam to open clogged pores of the face. As the pores are cleared of the gathered impurity, the skin glows and looks clean.
In a facial sauna your face should be exposed to the steam to make it sweat out the impurities. It can be carried out with the help of a portable machine. The working of the machine is simple. You should put the required amount of water in the machine and the water is electrically heated to generate steam.
Then, you should cover your face with a towel and expose it to the steam emitted from the machine, for the recommended amount of time. The steam works well for the skin and opens up the clogged pores.

Why not try A home facial sauna?

If you are weary of trying facial sauna at spas, you can try it out yourself, as a sauna is nothing but the use of steam for unclogging the blocked pores. So how do you proceed with the whole idea? If you do not possess a facial sauna device, you will need a vessel filled with water and a towel. Let the water come to a boil, turn off the burner, and expose your face to the steam, surrounding it with a thick towel to prevent the steam from escaping.

What are the benefits of a home facial sauna?

You can try your own home facial sauna if you want to spare yourself from the hefty bills that spas charge! Your skin will reflect many benefits, once you make it an integral part of your regimen. So, how does it benefit your skin? Steam helps in opening clogged pores of the skin.
There are, in fact, impurities clogged deep inside these pores. Inconsistency in caring for the skin also piles up dead skin cells on the skin, giving it a dull look. Exposing the skin to hot steam also helps in loosening the dead skin cells, giving it a fresh look.
The steam also promotes blood circulation, and brings in oxygen to the facial skin. Facial sauna, in a gist, promotes deep cleansing of the skin.

How can you augment the effects of a facial sauna?

A good technique is adding essential oils to the water that you would use for steaming. A few drops (2-3 drops) of essential oils like chamomile oil, lavender oil, etc. can be added to the boiled water. Tip: Mandarin and lavender oil work best for normal skin, lemon and eucalyptus are best suited for an oily skin and rose and chamomile for dry skin type. Follow the same procedure of taking steam, covering your face with a thick towel.
A facial sauna will benefit your skin immensely and also prevent the recurrence of future breakouts. After you are through with the sauna, you can pamper your skin with exfoliation. Scrubbing the skin with any of fruit scrub, suitable for your skin type, would clear the skin and also lend the freshness of fruits to your gentle skin.
Remove all the black heads and white heads following the above procedure. Do not forget to rub ice cubes on your face, and after pat drying the face, massage it face with an SPF protection cream. You would surely notice a remarkable change in the glow on your face.
It is recommended to use a facial sauna once in a week, or at least once in a fortnight for best results.
So, ready for a facial sauna? You are, it seems! Pamper your skin this weekend and also for the coming days. After all, consistency in following routines is the secret to problem-free wonderful skin.