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Highlighted Hairstyles

Avanika Mote
Highlighted hairstyles are trendy, sexy, and downright stylish. Read on and get cool ideas on hairstyles and hairdos for this season, sported by your favorite celebrities and get gorgeous!
Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Tisdale, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Alba - what is common between all of these celebs? The answer is their highlighted hairstyles of course! This fashion trend is so "in" this season, that you might consider getting one. Consider the following styles for long, medium and short hair and get ideas on highlighted hairdos.

Long and Medium Hair

Long hair are for glam dolls and if you are considering some options for long hair, the best examples are Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson. Except the "Rachel" look of a classic bob in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Jen has always sported long hairstyles with highlights.
For long hair, these can be done with both straight strands and curly locks. Look at Jessica Simpson's styles and you will know how highlights could look gorgeous even with curly hair!

Jennifer Aniston Long and Straight Signature Look

To get this look, you will need to color your hair in different hues of subtle and darker blond colors. Color your hair in a light brown shade at the base and light golden hues of blond with some baby blond highlights and streaks of bright blond near your face.
If your hair color is dark blond to medium blond, you have got the base color right, girl! In that case, you will simply need to add few sun-kissed light blond and golden highlights and a gloss for an instant shine!
If your hair color is medium brown or a shade darker, you will need to lighten your base to a shade like golden brown first. To complete the Jen look, add golden blond highlights on top, near your face. Make sure your hair is perfectly straight. Ask your hairstylist to cut your hair in layers that would frame your face or simply ask him to do it Jen style!
Make sure you have absolutely no split ends and stray hair and that your hair is perfectly straight. If not, iron your hair thoroughly for a sleek and polished glossy look. This look could be done with long and medium hair length as well. Follow these tips, style your hair and the Jennifer Aniston within you will be ready!

Jessica Simpson Curly Hairstyle Look

The lovely cascading curls of Jessica Simpson aren't so difficult to get anymore. The colors you will need are almost same as the one in Jen's look. But the base color of this look would be brunette brown, a medium brown towards the crown area.
Highlight your hair with a light golden blond color. Make sure your hair is curly enough to create an ultra curly highlighted hairdo. If not, curl your hair from your stylist and ask him to give you short bangs on either side of your face.
Your curls should cascade down your back and should be crispy to look at. Spray a volume tonic or a handful of hair mousse to add an extra oomph to those oodles of curls! Remember that your hair should be really long in length to experiment with this look.

Short Hair

Short hairstyles are sleek, bold, chic, and sexy. Rihanna and Victoria Beckham created a revolution in short hairstyling especially with highlighted hairstyles. In short hairstyles, curly looks would not appear so appealing.
If you want to keep it curly and short, we would not suggest any major highlighting. Keep it medium brown at the base and lighter hues of blond or copper on the upper layers of your curly hair. If you have straight hair, you should try Rihanna's look!

Rihanna's Chic Look

The hair color that Rihanna currently has is blond and the ones she had experimented earlier included punk colors like purple, pink, red, and even blue!
So, if you are considering this hairdo, you better not look back! Ask your stylist to cut your hair in a sleek concave bob with textured or razored layers and side-swept bangs.
Once you get that haircut, ask your hair stylist to pre-lighten your hair before highlighting, so as to make the color flashes look bolder and to keep them just under the top layers of your hair. You can choose colors like purple, pink, red, and copper for highlights.

Victoria Beckham Signature Look

Victoria Beckham always sports a sexy short hairstyle with warm blond highlights which looks neat, sophisticated, and downright sexy! Ask your hairstylist to give you a trendy short haircut, preferably a sleek uneven bob, shaped up in the back and barely long enough so as to cover your ears and wrap behind them.
The top of your hair should be irregularly spliced. Ask your stylist to give you choppy ends, that would lay over one area of your face. Ask your hair colorist to color your hair with a pale beige on base and different subtle hues of dark warm blond, to give a slightly contrasting look.
You will obviously need straight hair for this look. This is one of those highlighted hairstyles that speak for themselves and say "Dare-to-be-different"! Go ahead and sport it girls!
So, with these tips, We are sure you would want to visit a salon to get one right away! Be sure of your face shape, size, and skin tone, to make sure whatever you choose, suits you.
Consult your stylist before experimenting and make sure you use hair highlights that are ammonia-free. Take care of your hair. Remember that hair color comes with extra hair care. So, make sure that you don't end up treating your hair with excessive chemicals. Here's wishing you happy experimenting!