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Helpful Tips for Beginners to Buy Makeup Brushes

Dhanashree Patane
No matter how good the quality of your makeup, a wrong set of tools, like the wrong brushes, can ruin the perfect look! So, we have enlisted a few helpful tips for beginners to buy makeup brushes.

Quick Tip

Makeup brushes need to be cleaned at least once a week. Always wash brushes with warm water and shampoo. Never leave them standing with the bristles facing up. The bristles may lose hold in the ferrule, with water entering the glue that binds them together.
For the perfect, flawless look, good makeup products are essential; however, the tools, like makeup brushes, that you use are equally important. Wrong brushes, even with the best of products, also can ruin your gorgeous makeover. For beginners, choosing the right brush from a variety of options can be confusing.
So, you are new to the whole world of makeup, and sure, there are complete sets of brushes or assembled kits that you could buy. But some brushes in the kit are never really used, and customizing helps you choose what suits you.
In this story, we have simplified the task of choosing the right makeup brushes for you. Below is a list of essential brushes for makeup, along with their purpose explained. So, when you head out to buy your first set of makeup brushes, you know which ones are your saviors!

Tips for Buying Makeup Brushes for Beginners

★ Understand the type of makeup you require. Your features, skin tone, and skin quality are very important. It is also advisable to understand the application technique you use. Whether you are a light-handed or a heavy-handed person.
If you are a heavy-handed person, you may have to buy brushes with longer handles, this will ensure softer application of makeup. If you apply makeup looking closely into the mirror, you might want to opt for shorter brushes, which will enable ease in application.
★ Your face type or shape and your features too, will help in deciding what kind of brushes you will need. For example, if you have closely placed eyes, you will need smaller brushes to provide more detailing for the eye makeup. If you have a wide face, you may need bigger brushes to cover large areas with ease and uniformity.
★ Before buying the brushes, determining the type of hair on the brushes is important. Depending on the type of product you will use, choose the hair of the brush. You will have varieties like synthetic, and natural brushes, or brushes with both synthetic and natural hair.
★ Most people will suggest choosing natural hair brushes, as they are softer on the skin, pick up pigment easily, and give a soft, finished look. Which is true; however, certain applications of makeup, like foundation and concealer, may need synthetic brushes, which provide a better finish to the applied makeup.
Natural hair brushes are good for powdered products, they absorb the powder easily, while synthetic brushes work well with cream-based and liquid product applications.
★ With a little experimentation, you could decide which brushes suit your skin and makeup the most. You should feel comfortable using the brush during application. If it feels right on your skin, and the result is good, don't worry what the manual says. Go with your instinct!
★ Makeup brushes can be on the pricier side, but they last long when used well. Always choose brushes that are firm and feel good on your skin.

Must-have Brushes

For your eyes:
  • Stiff dome brush
  • Flat stiff brush
  • Eyeliner brush
  • Eyelash brush
For your face:
  • Cheek highlighter
  • Blush brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Brow brush

For your lips:
  • Lip brush

Beginner Essentials Explained

Blush brush

When selecting a brush for your blush, make sure it is your best and highest investment. Using a long handled, natural-haired and round fluffy brush is best for your blush applications.
A medium-sized brush with soft bristles will not irritate the skin, and give a flawless color to your cheeks. These brushes are available in many shapes and sizes. Opt for a medium-sized, dome-shaped natural hair brush.

Powder brush

Applying powder with a puff is considered classy. But a large, soft, natural brush is a must-have for a soft, professional and radiant finish. A medium-sized brush, with a slightly rounded head is best suited.
By using a good brush, you end up using less product, which gives you a natural-looking radiant finish. When choosing this brush, run the bristles along the back of your palm. You should get a soft and feathery feeling. Also, the bristles should be snugged well in the ferrule of the brush.

Foundation brush

Foundation brush is vital to achieve a gorgeous makeup. A brush with synthetic hair is recommended. You can also opt for a brush with a mixture of natural and synthetic hair.
The natural and soft bristles will give a smooth finish, while the synthetic bristles will prevent excess soaking of pigment. A flat brush with a contoured tip will also help get a smooth look, and reach the deeper areas of the nose and the eyes.
A round, stippling foundation brush gives you an even look. The flat head of the brush helps stipple the foundation on your face so that it does not look painted, but naturally glowing. You can opt for this brush or use the flat brush with a contoured tip for applying foundation.

Lip brush

For even and smooth color on your lips, opt for a small lip brush. A lip brush helps control the look and shape of your lips, like a thin line or a bold look. A synthetic hair brush will work well for defined and precise lip lining. Opt for a flat, small and round-shaped brush, which makes application easier.

Eyeshadow brush

No more using a sponge stick that comes with the eyeshadow cases. Opt for a very soft, short-haired and densely-bristled brush. It should feel silky on contact with the skin.
Use a short-haired, flat brush for applying pigment overall. If you want a multipurpose brush, go for half-moon shaped brush. This will give full coverage, and can also be used to apply shadow on the crease of your eye.

Eyeliner brush

An eyeliner brush can be used for applying eyeliner, and as a brow brush too. Opt for a brush with a slanted angle with synthetic or natural bristles.

Eyebrow brush

A brow brush seems like an inexpensive tool in your kit. However, this does not make it any less important.
A brow brush which usually comes with a comb on one side and a brow brush on the other side is useful in managing brow hair, and also taming clumpy mascara on the lashes. The brush also helps in spreading brow pencil evenly throughout the eyebrow.
With proper care and handling, brushes can last a long time. Test the brush several times before buying it. You will know which one gives you better grip and comfort. You could also use a single brush for more than one application.
For example, you could use a blush brush as a highlighter brush too. Simply use the flat side of the brush for highlighting. Remember, the perfect makeup can only be achieved with the right set of makeup brushes. Choose your first set with a little consideration and care.