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Hazel Eye Makeup Tips

Dhanya Joy
If you are one of those women who are blessed with hazel eyes, but do not really know how to apply makeup for your eyes, then here are some tips for you.
Choosing the right shades for hazel eye makeup is essential, so that the natural color of the eye is highlighted and enhanced. Using the wrong shades can completely ruin the look and, at times, the rest of the makeup too.
So, it is essential to know the right combination of shades. The shades of eyeshadow, eyeliners, and mascara should be well coordinated to result in a beautiful look. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Makeup Tips


We first focus on the eyeshadow as it is the most important component of any eye makeup. The eyeshadow shades that work best for hazel eyes is the mauvish-purple color tones. These shades work very well in bringing out the natural shade of the eyes.
Another option that works really well are tones of brown. Eye shadow of pearl, peach, and light rose shades can also help to play up the hazel eyes.
For a more dramatized look, try using shades of deep green, especially khaki. Purchasing eye shadows in color palettes would be a good way to obtain all the suitable shades for makeup.


A dark brown eyeliner would be the best for hazel eye makeup, though other shades like green would also work well. However, make sure that the eye liner color that you use is not an extreme contrast with the eye shadow color.
Black or gray are also good options. Green eyeliner can be used, in case you want a dramatized or smoky eye look.


A dull brown mascara and a black gold mascara, apart from the black and transparent mascara are the best options for you.
Please, do not try using a green or a blue mascara, because it will only end up over-dramatizing the eyes, thus ruining the eye makeup. Besides, no shade of blue really works well with hazel eyes. Sticking to shades of brown will be the wise thing to do.

Applying the Makeup

Step# 1: Wash your entire face with a soap-free face wash.
Step# 2: Use a primer on the eyelids to achieve a smooth and natural finish. A primer will also even out the surface of the eyelids, allowing easier application of the eye makeup.
Step# 3: Choose the shade of eyeshadow that you would like to apply. Now, the question is how to apply it? Take the darkest shade and apply it to the crease of eyelid. The application should be even, start from the inner corner of the eyelid and move towards the outer corner.
Use the lighter shade on the brow bone or the area below the eyebrow. Make sure that it blends well. The eye should be highlighted using the darkest shade on the crease of the eye.
Step# 4: Choose the shade of eyeliner that you want to use. Start applying it from the inner corner of the eye towards the outer corner, along the top eyelid. You can use an eye or kohl pencil of the same shade to line the lower lid.
You can also use a shimmer liner instead of the eyeliner, if the shade of eyeshadow that you are using is more on the neutral side.
Step# 5: Using an eyelash curler, curl the eyelashes, and then highlight them with the mascara. Preferably, you should use a smudge-proof mascara, for a long-lasting effect.
You can also try various eye makeup techniques to do the makeup. Make sure that your outfit, and the makeup on the rest of your face complements it well. Most importantly, carry off your make up with confidence and style!