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Halloween Nail Art Ideas You Would Love

Smita Pandit
You might have your Halloween costume ready, but make sure that you put on the right makeup and nail art to complete your look. Here are some spooky nail art designs for Halloween.
With Halloween just around the corner, you might be thinking of unique ways to create the eerie ambiance. Spooky decorations and scary costumes are an integral part of this festival.
Getting the scary look right by wearing masks and wacky costumes is central to the celebrations. To get the look right, think of some unique, spooky Halloween nail art designs. There's no dearth of designs.
Complete your look by painting spooky spiders, cobwebs, ghosts, vampires, and other eerie images painted on your nails. So, here are some Halloween-inspired nail art designs and ideas that will set the mood.

Nail Art for Halloween

Though you can match the nail art designs to your costume, certain designs work well with most types of costumes. Jack-O-Lantern, ghosts, vampire, scary witch, witch's cap or broomstick, skulls and bones, black cats, bats, etc., are some of the interesting designs.
Don't forget to use black and bright red nail polish to paint something eerie that will send chills down the spine. Since black is the color of darkness, it would be a good idea to paint your nails in black and then paint these spooky creatures with white acrylic or any other color that stands out.
It would be a good idea to use long, fake acrylic nails. Apply two coats of black nail polish and paint cobwebs, eyeballs, spiders, ghosts, etc., with white.
You can also apply red nail paint in an uneven manner to create an impression on blood splatter. You can either paint the same design on all the nails, or paint different designs on each nail.

Creating Nail Art Designs

If you are wearing a ghost costume, start by applying white nail polish on your nails. Once it's dry, apply another coat. After it has dried completely, get hold of a black nail polish and make two dots in the center and paint a circle under the eyes for the mouth. You can show blood dripping from the mouth.
These designs are easy if your nails are a bit longer. If your nails are not long, use fake nails so that you have more space to create these designs. Floating eyes is one of the interesting nail art designs for Halloween.
For making this design, you need to apply two coats of black nail polish. Once it has dried completely, use white nail polish to make two pairs of ovals that are not too small. Once they are dry, paste a pair of wobbly eyes on the nail. The floating eyes design is ready! You can also make tear drops and draw faces in them.
For making Jack-O-Lantern, you need to get hold of black and orange nail polish. Apply two coats of bright orange nail polish. Once it has dried, draw two triangles for the eyes and one for nose. Paint a zigzag pattern for the mouth. Wasn't that easy!
You can also use orange and black nail polish for making cobwebs. Apply bright orange nail polish first. Once it has dried, draw a line at the base of the nail and draw another perpendicular line at the corner. Draw two lines from the corner and connect them with small lines, so as to make it look like a cobweb.
If you are wearing a black costume, you can use black and white nail polish to make this design. You can draw any abstract design or pattern or use bold colors to impart an eerie touch.
This Halloween, don't just wear a scary mask and costume, flaunt your Halloween painted nails and give yourself the ultimate look. Have fun!