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Half Updo Hairstyles

Kashmira Lad
Do you have to dress up for a party and are bored of the same old hairdo? Then here's a hairstyle that can definitely give you a hot look. A half updo is considered to be very stylish and can be done in no time at all. Here are the details of when to wear and how to create this adorable hairstyle.
Half updo is a new hairstyle in vogue. Be it the red carpet or parties or any other event, this hairstyle is sported by many glamorous celebrities these days. It has a romantic and stylish feel to it and it works for various lengths of hair.
It helps to keep the hair off the face and allows you to showcase your tresses as well. This is because, the upper side of the hair can be styled in various ways and the lower ends of the hair can be curled and left loose.
Half updos are not just a modern trend. These have been around here for ages since the medieval period. These can be seen in the beautiful and artistic paintings, which showcased beautiful women with stylish ones and cascading curls falling all over their shoulders.
These updos are popular with many because, it is a versatile hairstyle. These seem to be sophisticated, yet not totally formal in their appeal. It can be styled meticulously and can be done in a simple way.
Besides, different types of hair accessories can also enhance the look of such half updos. Here's a list of different styles that you can try out.

The Various Styles

Messy Updo

This is the most stylish updo. In order to get this messy look, you need not comb your hair. This hairstyle can go with a simple tee or a skirt.

The Messy Ponytail

In this, the hair is tied in a messy ponytail with a loose band.

Half-up/Half-down Updo

In this, half of the hair is pulled up with the tresses or the ringlets falling on the shoulders.

Ballerina Bun Hairstyle

This is one of the elegant updos. Ballerina style is best suited on a gown.

The Messy Bun Updo

In this, the hair is tied in a bun with the loose locks falling on the shoulders.
These are some of the updos that are pretty easy to try.

Occasions for an Updo

♠ Prom Night Updo ♠

For a prom night, the kind of half updo you are planning to go for, depends upon the kind of outfit you are planning to wear. For a short dress, tie half your hair up with the other half falling on the shoulders, whereas for a flowing gown, you can tie half your hair in a bun with the curls falling on the shoulders.
It looks best with curls, so for a perfect half updo, go in for curling. And remember, this hairstyle should be such that it complements your gown and enhances your features also.

♠ Wedding Updo ♠

The wedding day is the most important event for any bride. And in order to look comfortable and stunning throughout the day, the hairdo must be stylish and least complicated.
The wedding day is the most important event for any bride. And in order to look comfortable and stunning throughout the day, the hairdo must be stylish and least complicated.
This would require you to remember few things, as far as stylish ones are concerned. Therefore, select a beautiful wedding half updo that would complement you well and stay throughout the day without too much fuss.
You can start with a proper updo for the main event. Later on, you can release the lower portion of your hair to get the voguish look. This would give you a variation in your look without you requiring to really spend too much time in styling your hair.

Steps to Create a Half Updo

These beautiful and adorable hairstyles are not really difficult to create. With a little creativity, you can look your stylish best. Let's find out how to create such updos.
  • Shampoo your hair and then condition it well.
  • After washing, use a towel to dry them gently and apply some gel to the hair.
  • Follow it up by properly blow drying it.
  • Then, you must ensure that you untangle all the strands to get manageable hair.
  • A hair spray can be used at this point so that your hair stays better.
  • Once you have used the hair spray, use a curling iron and select small sections of your hair so that these can be curled and styled accordingly.
  • Once you finish curling, begin with pinning the small sections of the hair. Then, use a hairpin to fix the same.
  • Select the end of the strands and roll them into a curl. Fix this with another hairpin. Next, select another strand of hair and fix it the same way next to the first curl.
  • Use this procedure with all the strands of the hair and create curls on the top area of the head. The main highlight of this hairstyle is to be as creative as possible.
  • The lower portion of your hair can be left loose. Use hair accessories to accentuate the curls.
  • Use the curling iron to curl the lower strands of the hair. Arrange it well to create a stylish look.
Hope this would be a proper guide to style your hair in the best way. These beautiful half updos are as versatile as they can be. Use them creatively to sport a new look for all your special occasions.