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Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Rimlee Bhuyan
If you are looking for a simple but elegant hairdo, then opt for a half up half down hairstyle. Here are some ideas on how to create these easy hairstyles.
The quickest way to give yourself a makeover is to change the way you style your hair. It is less drastic than cutting your hair and definitely less expensive than buying new clothes. One of the best hairstyles this season, that is much in vogue is the half up half down hairstyle.
There are many variation of this style and some are easy enough to be done without the aid of a stylist. For those women who love a hairupdo but find it tough and time-consuming, this hairstyle is the next best option.
This hairdo gives an elegant and polished look while retaining the softness of open hairstyle. Here are some easy but gorgeous half up hairstyles that you can create at home.

Half Updos for Long Hair

If you have long hair, then a half up hairstyle is just right for you. To create this hairstyle, you need to follow the given steps:
»  First shampoo and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and anti frizz conditioner.

»  Apply styling mousse to your damp hair and distribute it evenly through the length of your hair.
»  Allow your hair to dry naturally or blow dry it with a hair dryer.

»  Next curl the length of your hair using a curling iron. Make sure that you use the larger barrel for curling your hair as you need quite loose and soft curls.

»  Once you are done curling your hair, take a four-inch section of hair from the front and tease it with a rat tail comb.
»  Once you have adequate volume, pull hair back towards the crown and pin it in place with bobby pins. While pinning your hair, make sure that you lift the hair slightly at the top, so that you create more volume.

»  Spritz some hair spray on your hair to set the style.
This half updo for long hair is great for women who have naturally wavy hair. If you have fine hair, then to create volume at the top, you will need to use some extra strong hair mousse or thickening spray.

Half Updo Hairdos for Straight Hair

For hair that is naturally straight, it is difficult to style it in an updo without using many hair styling products. But there are many simple half up half down hairstyles that requires little styling product to hold the style.
»  To create a half up half down hairstyle for straight hair, first you need to shampoo and condition your hair with a volumizing shampoo and shine enhancing conditioner.

»  Apply a coin-size amount of mousse to your wet hair and run the product through the length of your hair.

»  Create a zigzag parting on the crown with the help of the back of the comb.
»  Now blow dry the hair straight using a radial brush.

»  Now, take a two to three-inch section of hair from one side and pull it back towards the opposite side.

»  Pin this section in place by using three to four bobby pins. Use more bobby pins if required.

»  Brush back the rest of the hair and arrange it over the side where you have pinned your hair.
Spritz a bit of hairspray and you are done. This is one of the best half updo wedding hairstyles. It is not overly formal and you can make it fancy by using bejeweled barrettes in place of bobby pins to secure hair.

Ideas for Creating Half Up Half Down Hairdos

There are many variations of the half updo. With the right styling products you can create many different half updo hairstyles. Here are some ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Make it Wavy

To make this hairstyle look more casual and fun, you can create a wavy texture to your hair. It will give a tousled look which is soft and romantic.

Try a Braid

Another way to give a polished look to this hairstyle is to create a French braid on either side of your hairline. The rest of the hair can be blow dried poker straight.

Create Volume

Teasing the hair at the crown to create volume is one of the best ways to give this hairstyle a bit of oomph. If you are looking to inject glamor to your hairdo, then pumping up the volume is the best way to do so.

Use Hair Accessories

Hair accessories not only holds the hairstyle together, but it also makes it look more put-together and classy. Use bejeweled barrettes, hair combs, headbands and ribbons.
Half updos are easy to create and you can achieve salon like results at home. Half updos are great for all hair types and textures and works well for both casual as well as formal events.