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Hairstyles with Bangs

Kashmira Lad
Bored with the same look? Do you stand in front of the mirror trying to add newness to your outfit? Well, maybe you do not need a wardrobe makeover. What you need is a new hairstyle - a hairstyle with bangs.
They say that the best way to deal with a breakup is to get a haircut. Fran Lebowitz was once quoted saying "You are only as good as your last haircut."

So, what kind of a haircut should you get? This question can make you lose sleep over it. We, at Buzzle, offer you help in finding the answer. Oh! And also in making up for the hours of beauty sleep you lost looking for it. Go in for the season's hottest trend - bangs! Yes, they are back! Ruling the ramps; however, this time with a new twist!
Bangs are a definite bet when it comes to upgrading your look. But, just like face structures, bangs, too, come in a variety of styles.

This article will help you decide which style would go best with your face, be it oval, round, heart-shaped or square.
Straight bangs cover the forehead and draw attention to the jawline. Hairstyles with straight bangs help to make a large forehead appear small. A normal ponytail can look chic when combined with straight bangs.
The length of straight bangs is generally short or medium. Remember that straight bangs have no angle to them. These are somewhat common, but popular because they can be combined with different hairstyles.
These work well when hair is let loose or tied up as well. These types of bangs are angled and brushed towards one side of the face. They require more combing and sometimes, the use of gel or other hair products if you really want the bangs to stay in place. For bangs that need to be angled towards one side, you may need to grow them a little longer.
Suggestion: You can twist and scrunch up your hair and add cute pins to the back and brush the bangs towards either side for an elegant look. Side-swept bangs look lovely on a round or heart-shaped face. They give the face a slimming effect and take away the focus from the forehead.
Bangs with partings can provide an entirely new look. These are versatile and can add glamor to any normal hairdo. One can go wild with these. If you have curly hair, you can go in for short bangs and part them in the middle to bring a definition to your face.
If you have long straight hair and are thinking of getting a new look without really losing the length, you can opt for parted long bangs.
An interesting way to modify this look would be to get uneven edges as straight hair tends to fall flat out on the face. With parted bangs, focus is on an individual's eyes. Apply some mascara and hint of eyeshadow and you are good to go.
What better way to add volume than to get layers? These now are not limited to haircuts. Make way for the layered bangs. Layering simply means hair length that is not even. These bangs are very versatile. Coupled best with straight hair, one can play around with layered bangs trying different styles.
When opting for this look, make sure to go to a trusted hairstylist. Layered bangs need the perfect length or one may end up with short strands sticking out. You can style the bangs according to your mood or just use a cute clip and tie them up in the center.
It is true that bangs require some looking after. Besides the monthly trim, they need to be styled accordingly. This involves the use of styling products in addition to flat irons or curlers. Hence, it is necessary to take good care of your hair. After all it is your crowning glory.
Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts have all decided to go the bang way at some point. So whether you have a short-crop look or long Rapunzel tresses, get inspired by these celebs and get the bangs! Give Jim Morrison's words a twist and say, "Some of the best mistakes of my life have been haircuts."