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Hairstyles of Soap Opera Actresses

Soap operas are viewed more for the fashion statements made by them than the story lines. Here are some details on the hairstyles they flaunted.
Gaynor Borade
Television was reborn when soaps made their way to the hearts of millions via the entertainment medium. Instead of the focus being on the number of soap operas being aired, the spotlight has mostly been on the hairstyles and apparel worn by the actors.

Hairstyles That Soap Opera Actresses Flaunt

Many women, around the world, desire the hairstyle of their favorite soap stars. In fact, it is not uncommon to identify a fan following because of a particular hairdo. There is a bee-line for the stylist who can deliver the look. The most commonly flaunted hairdos include the back-comb, the tousled look, fresh-from-the-bed look, braids, and the neatly pinned office girl look.
The difficulty is not in identifying a haircut that you like, but in maintaining it. A common fact overlooked is that the actors have makeup and hair stylists at their beck and call, to primp the look at regular intervals. This may not be possible, in the case of working women with hectic home and office routines. The most common and loved hairstyles of soap opera actresses include:

The Tousled Tresses

This very unkempt and yet suggestive hairstyle is not only easy to maintain, but also very chic. The look can be adopted for long or short hair. The hair length is treated to accommodate a natural, out-of-bed look. This is accomplished with layers, starting at the nape of the neck. There are a number of variations a good hair stylist could compliment long, wavy, and curly hair with.

The Rebellious Mane

This hairstyle involves cutting the hair to shoulder length or shorter, and uneven around the edges. The look is not only elegant, but also portrays a character that cannot be taken for granted. It can be sported by housewives, as well as women from the corporate world. The shorter the length of hair, the more accentuation is possible to the jaw line, along with wisps and tendrils. They could be left to fall free around the face, or tied back.

Neatly Pinned and Sprayed Style

This is for the woman with long working hours and a hectic lifestyle. The style complements just about any type of apparel and gives you a very down-to-earth appeal. A slight brushing down enables you to maintain the look. The tresses could either be back-combed and pinned, or simply pulled back and secured.
The remaining length can be left loose or tied in a notch, with or without hair extensions. Depending on personal preference, you could also consider length and layers.

Volume and Layers 'Free' Look

Most of the divas on soap operas sport this look. It is best applied to accentuate a long, well-chiseled jaw line, and sharp features. This style requires the least maintenance, provided you have thick hair and enough length. The hair is cut in layers from around the face and below the jaw line.
The cut tapers till the final strand and this adds volume and bounce to the hair. If the original texture of your hair is straight or slightly wavy, you could go in for the killer look without hesitance. A needle-brush is all you need to feel confident and empowered with the new look.
The haircut styles and ideas are many, but it is very important to remember and keep in mind that original texture of the hair, its strength and volume, and desire for length need to be considered.
You also have to consider the fact that the soap opera actresses have the means to enhance and revamp a hairstyle from time to time; unlike you amidst the hectic routine. Nevertheless, there are many hair care products and hair accessories available that allow you to experiment and follow in the footsteps of your favorite artist.