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Fabulous Hairstyles for Teenagers

Here are some chic spunky hairstyle tips for teens.
Kashmira Lad
The teenager years are full of fun and frolic. These years also mean time for experimentation, as teens are ever eager to try something new. This is the period when teens are most influenced with their favorite personalities. Teen style icons such as Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff have influenced teens the world over with their fashion statements.
For fashion, teenagers are willing to that extra mile! Today, we can see teenagers are known to try anything from the sophisticated to the elegant look. Take a look at some interesting, cool, wild, and wacky hairstyles for teenagers.

How to achieve the right look

Teens can be highly experimental, but you need to keep certain things in mind before you go all out for a particular hairdo. Most of the time, you may have noticed that teens often get excited about trying new things, but not always are the results highly satisfying. Here are a few factors one would need to consider to achieve the right look for hairstyles.
• Consider your personality. Does the hairstyle really blend with the kind of personality you display? Avoid going in for styles that are simply the 'in thing'. Find out which hairstyle would suit you the best.

• The shape of your face will help you to decide the right kind of hairstyle.
• Look at the texture of your hair. Going ga-ga over a particular hairstyle sported by famous teen icons is fine, but would it suit the texture of your hair? Choose a hairstyle that suits the texture of your hair. This will help enhance your looks further.
• So you love flexibility and love to sport new looks. This would mean that you would need a versatile hairstyle, which you can change as per your mood. Would you have the kind of time required to fuss around such hairstyles? Any stunning hairdo would also require loads of maintenance and loads of pocket money as well!

Fun Ideas

Long Layered
Teenagers who love to sport long hair can go in for layered hairstyles. These look stylish and also help to add volume to the hair. These frame the face well and help to enhance the features as well.
Top layers can be short with flicks, which would depend upon the face structure.
The short or long shags are most popular amongst all. These look really trendy and hip when sported with the right kind of attire. Shags are one of the easiest ones to maintain.
Short or Long Shags
This hairdo is full of bounce and can be made to look choppy as well. Shags represent stylish yet messy looks, but are totally chic at the same time.

Freaky-colored Hairstyles

Since the teenage period is also experimental, we are sure many would not shy away from trying out new colors for their tresses. Most teens would love to try freaky reds and shocking pinks.
What we would suggest is the use of highlights for certain sections of your hair. This would look totally cool rather than getting all your hair dyed in a bizarre shade. Hair extensions may also prove to be handy for hair coloring.

Hairstyles with Bangs or Fringes

Hairstyles can be made to look interesting with a few flicks in the front area of the face. Here, we would like to bring your attention to bangs or fringes.
These lend a glamorous look to one's personality and also make one look super stylish in appearance. Bangs are great for a versatile look and can also be styled in different ways. Side-swept bangs are quite popular.

Snazzy Hairstyle Ideas

Hairstyles can be as innovative as possible as this is probably the best period to try various hairdos. Wear your hairstyles with loads of attitude for an added zing to your entire look.