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Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

Kashmira Lad
Looking for a hairstyle that is creative, yet easy to maintain which enhances your personality? Some hairstyles for teenage boys are simply more than enough to make a style statement.
It is believed that teenage years is the time when one can experiment in terms of fashion ideas and carry off new looks with great style and panache. Many teens today are extremely fashion-conscious and enjoy keeping up with the latest trends.
Fashion and style for such teens is not limited to clothes alone. A hairstyle can do wonders to one's overall look and personality. It is common knowledge that the desire to remain trendy is not limited to girls.
Guys are as conscious about the way they look, the way they do their hair, and the way they present themselves. And the good news for all teenage boys out there is that they no longer have to stick only to classic hairstyles.
Those of you who are willing to go an extra mile and try out some funky, some offbeat, or simply hairstyles that you know are eternally stylish, check out the options given here.

For Short Hair

If you are sporty, and like to keep your style fuss-free, this is the best option for you. It's super-short and requires little maintenance.
No added hair-care besides a regular trim, this messy style is a great option for boys who like to keep it natural.
A funky and trendy choice, this style will surely get you a lot of attention. It is important to go to a trusted stylist to get the look right.

For Medium Hair

Spikes is quite a popular option. Basic styling with either hair gel or water is all it takes to achieve this look. You can experiment with the length of the spikes.
Looking for an option for wavy hair? Then look no further. You could use a little mousse to style your hair, comb it with a side parting, and you're good to go.
Edgy and punk best describe this look. This style is ideal for those with straight hair. For the more daring boys, you can opt for colored highlights as well.

For Long Hair

Got hair that is curly as well as thick? This is the best style to opt for. It keeps your curls and volume intact without opting for heat-products like an iron.
Braids are a fashion rage, and are an extremely trendy choice. However, it requires a great deal of maintenance, in addition to regular visits to the salon.
Whoever said bangs are only for girls. This is a great look for boys with a good volume of wavy hair. You can opt for parting on either sides to experiment.
So, when it comes to opting for the best hairstyles for teenage boys, I suggest you go ahead and experiment with your look. This coupled with a cool attitude and you are ready to rock!