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Hairstyles with Bangs for Round Faces

Aarti R
A new hairstyle can enhance your facial beauty and make you look different. Here are some of the hairstyles for round faces with bangs. Let us take a look at them.
Hairstyles can change your look. You must get the right hairstyle for the right facial features and shape.
If you go for a wrong haircut, you get stuck in the bad look for days, unless you are willing to use hair extensions to hide them. So, think about the hairstyle you want to go for, in advance to save the embarrassment after a wrong haircut. For deciding the hairstyle, you must first determine your face shape .

For Round Faces

The very first step is to verify that you have a round face for sure. For this follow the steps given here:

♣ Measure the jaw line from one end to the other.

♣ The last measurement is taken from the top tip of the head to the tip of the chin.
♣ Then note down the measurements of the forehead from one end to the other. This measurement must be taken across halfway between your eyebrows and the hairline.

♣ In the first step, measure the face in a horizontal direction, across your cheekbones. You have to take measurement from one edge of a cheekbone to the other end.

With Bangs

The shape of your face is not the only deciding factor for a good hairstyle. There are other factors like the texture of your hair, your age, your hair color and lifestyle. There are certain hairstyles mentioned here that are suitable for round faces:
➻ For thin hair, keep the hair at the side of the face and they must be closer to your face.
➻ One of the best hairstyles for round faces with bangs and long hair is to go for graduated layers, which will give height to your face.
➻ Hairstyles for women with a double chin are those which add length to your hair below the chin. Shags can also go well for these women.
➻ If you are going for short hairstyles, add layers which will add to the height of the crown. This will help in covering the round face and not letting it seem to be more bulky.
➻ If you want a curly hairstyle, always go for curls near the crown and not near the cheeks. This will create a height for your face and make the curly hairstyle more appealing.
➻ One of the very attractive hairstyles is layered hair with slightly light bangs. Heavy bangs do not go well with round faces as they will make the face look bulkier.
Apart from everything else, you must enjoy your hairdo and carry it confidently. For women with round faces over age 40, a bob cut would be good. Lastly, the way in which you carry your hair is important. Make every hairstyle you wear the best one. Happy styling!