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Thick Hair Styles for Round Faces

Pragya T
Thinking, what are the thick hair styles that suit round faces? Here is a list of various haircuts for this face shape, out of which you can pick one according to your liking.
For a haircut, always consider your face type, hair type and lifestyle. Check if the hairstyle or cut brings out the best facial feature suiting your hair type and if you will be able to maintain the style.
For thick hair, the best hairstyles are layers, short haircuts and razor cuts. Such people need to avoid excessive blow drying and choppy haircuts.
If you have round face type and thick hair, then go with a hairstyle that gives a little volume at the crown, and is cut in such a way that the hair falls on the cheeks, and highlight your best features.


These short haircuts are great for women who are looking for least maintenance. Because in pixie styles, the hair is cut very short. To get one, cut your back and side hair very short, and the front hair are cut into long sweeping bangs.

Trendy Short Styles

Cut the back hair short and the hair on the sides short, with few strands left long and tapering. Style these strands in front of your ear, and cut the front section of your hair into side bangs.


These are 1920s bob hairstyle which have become popular again. They give a very cute look to your face. To get a flapper, cut the hair into a blunt bob till the middle of the neck. Then style half of the hair, or all the hair, into long bouncy waves.

Razor Cuts

Razor cuts are not haircuts, but more like a finishing touch added to an existing haircut. If you want to get a sleek and stylish look, then this is a good option for you. A razor is run, on a haircut, which helps to remove the bulk of the hair and give a soft wispy hair ends look.

Medium Layers

Medium layers look great with wavy hair. If you don't, then use a curling hair mousse, or sea salt spray to get instant wavy hair.
For layers, cut your hair near the crown into few layers, and the rest of the hair into deep layers, so that they looking tapering at the ends. Now cut the front section into side long bangs with the hair ends snipped off a bit.

Long Layers

If you have dark, straight, and thick hair, then long layers can make you look stunning. Give a middle partition to your hair, and cut your hair into deep layers which start from the jaw line. Get layers on the both sides of the parting. Accompany this style with thin side bangs, which fall just above your eyebrows.

Graduated Bobs

Asymmetrical graduated bob haircuts look good on women of all ages. Cut the hair at the back, up to the nape of your neck, and the hair on sides a little longer, with a Cleopatra or side bangs to get this bob style.


Updos suit evening gowns and look great at work too. For a party look, style your hair wavy, scoop them back and secure them in a low bun near the nape of your neck. Take some bangs out and wear dangling earrings to complete your look. For office, brush your hair back and tie them into a high bun with some strands left loose on the sides.
So, go to a stylist to get a great haircut which suits you, or use updo hairstyle for parties, or ponytail styles for everyday use.