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Hairstyles for Oval Faces and Fine Hair

With curls and colors, here are more ideas to style your hair for that perfect look.
Mamta Mule
Choosing the right hairstyle is definitely a task that needs to be done with care. Well, how many times do you actually consider the shape of your face while chopping off your locks? If you are one of those ladies having oval face and thin hair as well, then here are some tips on best hairstyles for your face.
Though there are a plenty of options in hairstyles for a specific facial shape, you must also consider your hair density and texture while picking one. Now, that makes finding hairstyles for oval faces and fine hair a bit tough a task.

Hairstyle Options

Add Soft Waves

If you have an elongated face, flat hair won't give you a great look. Instead, you can get your hair styled to add soft waves which nicely grace your face.
Either add waves right from the roots or add them starting from your ears. Instead of soft waves you can also consider having a bit of the curly effect which also adds density to your fine hair and gives a nice finish to oval shaped face. Remember that oval faces look best with center parted hair instead of side parts.

Layers and Curls

As mentioned before, flat ironed look will not do, especially for oval face with chubby cheeks and fine hair. With layers added, you will be able to don a stylish look.
Make sure that you add outward curls to the extreme ends of your layers, keeping rest of the strands straight. Another idea is to get those locks transformed into complete curls. You can initially try the look using a curling iron and later on decide to get them permed as well. This is one of the beautiful hairstyles which works well if you have long hair.

Glamorous Highlights

Now if you do not want to chop off your locks or don't even want to turn them wavy or curly, then you can definitely consider adding some deep highlights to your mane. A dual toned look with use of two shades of same color, one light and one deep can help give you the best look. You can also give yourself a flashy look by adding bold and bright streaks.

Updos Or Messy Look

Ladies can wind up their locks in beautiful updo hairstyles. The French roll or messy buns are ideal picks.
You can also choose to get your locks chopped into short messy hairstyles which give them the voguish, 'out-of-the-bed' look.
Let me tell you that these are amongst the extremely popular hair trends of the season. Again slight highlights or lowlights or funky frosted tips can be considered to further jazz up the hairstyles.
Avoid tall hairstyles that will further increase the elongated look and hence avoid the puff hairstyles as well. Adding layered bangs will help reduce the 'oval' effect. You can further heighten the beauty of your locks by adding sober highlights to the bangs.
Remember that face shapes and hair styles are two elements which need to be considered together, so as to achieve the ultimate look. With the right choice of hair style that suits your face and also adds density to your fine locks, you can get set to flaunt a fresh and beautiful look.