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Hairstyles for Fine Hair and Round Faces

Rohini Mohan
It can get really annoying to find an attractive hairstyle, that will help add volume to your hair and make your face seem more chiseled. Fortunately, with the onset of edgy hairstyles and constant experimentation there are a lot of options to choose from.
Every face, irrespective of its shape, looks prettier when it has a hairstyle which complements its contours. People who have very fine hair, find it hard to give a different look to their usual and limp hairstyle.
No matter what you do with fine hair, it always comes back to square one. However, radical improvements can be achieved either by giving fine hair a couple of big waves or by letting pin straight hair be cut in various edgy styles
The entire idea is to either flaunt the entire round face or to make it look thinner and not chubby. The first rule to be followed by someone with this facial structure, is to always keep hair that is longer than the chin, if not all attempts shall prove ineffective.

#1 - Add Layers to Fine Hair

It does not matter if you have fine hair, all you need to do is to get a haircut that adds layers to your hair. Layering would naturally add more volume and depth to your hair. You can either add layers to your hair while giving it some waves or mild curls.
The other approach being to give shoulder length straight hair, some layers so that they looks fuller. This will also allow the straight hair to fall around the face, which would instead cover up the cheeks a bit and thus make the face look longer and thinner.
Another way you can achieve better results, is by adding colored layers to your hair. Always opt for streak colors that will suit you. Though colors such as red, silver and bleach look really great, if you can carry them off with confidence!

#2 - Flicks are a Must Have

Get your flicks done, so that they are side swept. This usually gives a sleek as well as edgy look, especially with straight hair. If you have curly hair, straighten out the side flicks, while retaining the rest of the curls.
Bangs are one of the best haircuts for fine hair, and they work wonders for round faces. These can be worn while they cover just on ear and thus extend until your chin, while the rest of the hair can be cropped short from the other side as well as from the nape.

#3 - The Cleopatra

Let your hair fall over your entire forehead, while the sides are kept, long enough to cover the ends of your cheek bone. Keep the hair long, may be until your shoulder line or more, that is completely your choice. The point being that this hair style looks good on round faces.

#4 - Back to Old School Braids

This is a classic hair style that looks good on all face types, no matter what. Simply tie your hair in a simple braid, or the better option would be to try the French braid that begins from the top of your head and flows down while segregating hair along its path.
This hair style will look better, if you combine it with side parting flicks that cover your face diagonally. If you do not prefer the flicks, combine the pulled back hairstyle with a slight puff. Accessorize by wearing large hooped or long earrings.

#5 - Center Partition

These are easy to carry and maintain. Just part the hair equally from the center of the scalp. Let the hair flow and if needed, add some layers or steps to from the sides. You can even flaunt this hairdo with straight hair as well and it will make the face look slimmer.

#6 - Pixie Hairstyle

A pixie hairdo, will give you the oomph factor, that you always pined for. This hairstyle looks great on round as well as oval faces.
If you decide to get this style, remember to consider the size of your forehead, and get appropriate bangs and flick to complement your appearance.
The best aspect of this hairdo is that you can retain the pixie look, even while your hair are growing long. You can always choose to keep the hair from the nape short and the flicks longer than usual, with each haircut. You can also experiment with longer hair stands kept more prominent on one side of the face, while keeping the other side short.

#7 - Bob Hairstyles

As a sequel to the pixie, a bob can become the next best option for you to flaunt. Once your pixie hair have grown longer, you can smoothly flow into the elegance of a bob hairstyle, without forsaking your newly grown longish hair. A simple yet classy option for women with round faces.
Get your hairstylist to cut your hair exactly how you want it to be. Or you could let him take charge so that he can use his creative judgment and come up with something that will suit you best. Also do your own research and observe what hairstyles are being adorned by women with similar facial structures as you.