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Modern and Easy-to-manage Hairstyles for Children

Kashmira Lad
There are certain basics that need to be followed when it comes to good hairstyles for children. Here is a look at some ideas and hair care tips for the same.
Children today are very much up-to-date about the latest fashion trends. Their hairdos thus need to be modern, sassy, and yet easy to manage. After all, they will behave like children and hairstyles that are easy on maintenance are hence always popular with mommies!
It is interesting to note how kids take an interest in hairstyles at an early age! You can see them being conscious about every strand that curls around their delicate face! Young girls as well as boys are pretty fashion conscious therefore, moms need to be aware of choosing styles that are fun yet help to keep their hair in place.

Easy-to-manage Hairstyles

Many moms would agree short hair is the best option for young girls. Morning hours are rush hours, so hair needs to be easy to manage.
Braids are amongst the most popular hairstyles for little girls. Although they may take up a considerable amount of time to tie the hair in the morning, they have a neat and tidy appearance, which would help your child in school.
French braids are the most popular options amongst hairstyles for little girls. Here, hair is pulled back into a ponytail and then braided towards the center.
Curly hair can be kept shoulder length, and you can use simple bands to tie cute little ponytails.
Curly hair are a little difficult to tackle, therefore, you can use clips on the sides of the crown to keep the strands in place. The rest of the hair can be tied up in a band or left loose.
Girls can also opt for other short hairstyles, such as the pixie cut which is really easy to maintain. This hairstyle would frame the face and also look stylish in its appearance.
Bob haircuts are also amongst the most common ones for kids. You can opt for a neat and simple bob haircut that is easy to wash and maintain for the child.
Young boys can go in for the Caesar hairstyle, which is on the similar lines of the hairstyle of Julius Caesar. Hair is brushed forward, but the length is very short.
Crew cuts and short spikes also look really nice on young boys who are active by nature. You can even opt for the bowl cut, which is most preferred by young boys.

Helpful Tips

  • Ensure that the hairstyle is simple and easy to manage. Children are always naughty and while at play, they may tend to mess up a fancy hairdo.
  • Young girls with long hair are better off with braids as it will help to keep the hair in place and prevent it from getting knotted. Use colorful hair accessories for the fun factor.
  • Avoid the use of elastic on the hair. Hair being fragile, you need to handle it with care.
  • Teach your children the importance of hair care and hygiene. It is better to start young so that they realize the importance of the same.
  • Always brush hair gently to detangle the strands. This will help you to style the hair with ease.
Hoping that this information has given you some ideas for your little one's hairstyle. Every morning when you have to make breakfast, send kids to school, and leave for work, you do not have time to think of an appropriate hairstyle for your child. Using the mentioned hairstyles and tips should make your life a tad bit easy.