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Hairstyles for African American Women

Parul Solanki
Black hairstyles can be stunning and beautiful provided they are styled just right. Here is a list of hairstyles for African-American women that would help you fashion your hair just right.
Gone are the days when African-American women had to contend with unmanageable hair texture. Black hairstyles have come a full circle with the introduction of styles especially suited to the black women. Good hairstyles are not just all about straight, long bouncy hair.
The African-American hair has a built in body, owing to its curly, wavy pattern that allows it to be styled in many ways, which include braiding, plaiting, and cornrows. So if you are in a style rut and are considering changing your styling, then here is a list of hairstyles you can opt for.

Short Hairstyles for African-American Women

Short hairstyles for black women are sassy and sporty and are a great way to accentuate their beautiful facial features. Moreover, they are extremely easy to maintain. With a short hairstyle, African-American women can alternate between wearing it straight or adding a hint of curls or just letting it curl naturally.
For those with straight hair, try the classic bob short haircuts or just choose a 'Halle Berry' layered hairstyle. For relaxed hair, try styling it into waves or get the sexy windblown look with the up flips.

Afro Hairstyles

The Afro hairstyle suits natural African hair and among others who have tightly curled or kinky hair. The hair is styled so that it stands out from the scalp. The overall shape of the silhouette created is round. However, this is subject to variation, depending on the individual's preference.
The hairstyle gained tremendous popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, becoming a fashion statement and a symbol of the strength and beauty of black hair.
The style can be created by spritzing the hair with a light oil or moisturizer and gently massaging it through the hair. Use a hair pick with non-metal tines, to lift the hair out from the scalp, and once the hair has been picked through thoroughly, use the palms of your hands to gently pat and shape the hair into a soft, rounded silhouette.

Hair Braiding

One of the most popular African-American hairstyles, hair braiding designs are an integral element of the African-American culture. From the simplest of the three-strand braids to the complex micro and cornrow braid styles, braid hairstyles provide a versatile option for styling natural black hair.
You can choose to either let them lie closer or hang freely from the scalp. Although it primarily suits the people with long hair, women with shorter hair can use hair extensions that can be used to braid the hair.
'Large Box' braids, also known as goddess braids, are created by plaiting artificial hair into large braids. Remember, however, that hair which is braided too tightly may result in hair loss and thinning.

Afro Puff Hairstyle

Afro puffs are created by sectioning the hair based on the number of puffs needed. The hair puff is then secured around the base using an elastic band. This African-American hairstyle is not just attractive, but also looks quite neat and tidy.

African-American Twist Hairstyles

From famous celebrities like Jill Scott, African-American twist hairstyles have become quite popular due to their versatile look and their ease of maintenance. They use the advantage of the naturally curly and tightly coiled African-American hair, for achieving the perfect style.
Just wet the hair, twist it, and let it air dry, to achieve the style that shows of your individual personality and expresses the right image.
Remember that whenever you choose any hairstyle, consult with a stylist first, to see whether it suits your style and personality. Avoid using harsh chemical treatments and other treatments that can strip the hair off its shine. After all, natural black hair is beautiful and all you need is a hairstyle that suits you just right.