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Hairstyle Ideas for Your Graduation Day

Mrunal Belvalkar
Graduation Day is one of the most important days of our lives. Many years of hard work and efforts pay off as you don the black robe, and go to the stage to receive your degree! This important day calls for special care while dressing. Here are a few hair-style ideas for your Graduation Day.
Graduation Day is a solemn ceremony, a moment of achievement and pride in the life of all students. Years of hard work, dedication and tenacity pay off as you walk up the alley and onto the stage to receive your degree.
You walk up to the podium, and prepare to recite the speech you had written, only to realize the words seem futile and seem nothing on the backdrop of the times you have spent in your college or university. All that matters are the memories you created... and then it seldom becomes easy to keep your eyes dry!
Graduation Day is a milestone in your academic life that you deeply cherish for years to come. It is but obvious you want to look best on this special day! Though everybody finds it pretty easy to pick the right outfit for the day, one maybe bummed when it comes to one thing - your hair! Should you tie them up? Cut them? What? Here are a few suggestions...

Graduation Hairstyle Ideas

If you have long flowing hair that fall below your shoulders onto your back, YOU ARE BLESSED! There are a number of things you can do with long hair. You can opt for a low pony-tail, you can braid them up, you can simply leave them open, you can practically do what you want!
One tip here would be to go for a hairstyle that will not look too glamorous or flashy. It is Graduation Day, not prom night; so keep it simple. If you are ready to get a haircut, you can go for a layered cut.
You can even go for a fringe that will peep out of the graduation cap and on your forehead. If you wish, you may even perm your hair to add bounce to otherwise floppy hair. Well, did we say anything? yeah; you really can do anything with your hair!
If you have medium length hair that fall till your shoulders, the best option would be to leave them open.
Wash your hair and brush through them. Letting them dry naturally may not always work for shoulder length hair - the ends tend to turn up as they rest on your shoulders.
The best solution would be to blow-dry them so they don't curl up at the ends. Another option could be to scrunch them for a wavy look. You can just put your fingers through your wet or semi-dry hair and squeeze them for a scrunch look. If you want to try something different, you can get a long bob cut.
Curls look the best when left open, and that is what we would suggest.
You can maybe play with your hairline by tucking in a few strands of hair using a clip to take them off your face. A loose pony tail on the neck also looks charming.
If you are going to tie your hair, you can leave a couple of locks out, so that they bounce off your face! It will give you a rather coy and bubbly look. If you want to opt for something simple, how about straightening your hair? It maybe a good change to get rid of your curls, even if only temporarily.
Micro braids may seem an unusual choice as a graduation day hairstyle, but it will work, especially since you have to wear a graduation cap! Another idea could be to tie a low bun that will lay on your neck. Up-dos may or may not work, since teaming up an up-do with a cap more or less ends up ruining the up-do.
Tip - Do not opt for a very elaborate hairstyle. If you are not going to wear your graduation cap, then there are definitely more options to pick from. But with the graduation cap on your head, you have to choose wisely. Being a solemn ceremony, the best thing to do would be to wear your hair in a simple yet elegant way. After all, simplicity is beauty!