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Hairstyle Ideas for Dreadlocks

Kashmira Lad
Dreadlocks have never been out of fashion, and with the glamorous accessories available now, styling your locks has never been more fun! Let's find out the different ways of styling your dreads that will help you grab the limelight.
Dreadlocks is a type of hairstyle that was first done in Kenya. These are formed by coiling or twisting of the hair.
Amongst the various methods that lead to the formation of dreadlocks, include backcombing of the hair or leaving long hair uncut or not brushed for a long time, which leads to naturally tangled and twisted hair.
Earlier, dreadlocks were from what was called the 'neglect method', but nowadays, they can be created in salons too, by sectioning the hair evenly and twisting, coiling or braiding. 'Sisterlocks' or 'Brotherlocks' are also in vogue, which are created by coiling numerous tiny strands of hair, and are locked individually using a tool.
Doing this requires various accessories, so let's look at some ideas that will help to style your dreadlocks better.
Wraps usually mean tying or covering your hair with scarves, bandanas, headbands, or tams.
Wrap It
These are wider and longer than the standard sizes used to tie your hair. These wraps are made of cotton, wool or silk, so that they do not loosen up often.
Tams are the best way to keep those dreads from getting in your way. They are often used on newly salon-formed dreads, till the locks are set.

Tie It

If you are not a big fan of tams or hats, you can tie your hair with rubber bands to style it. Women can tie a strip of ribbon to their dreads, be it plain dreads or braided ones. Using these, dreadlocks can be styled into a bump style, a side updo, or a normal ponytail.
Nowadays, a style similar to Mohawk, made out of the locks, is also in vogue. However, keep in mind that tying your dreads in a ponytail or a bun can make the entire hairstyle a bit heavy.
Giving your locks a touch of color can definitely upgrade your style quotient.
Color It
With the hair colors associated with punk style never going out of fashion, going for the shades of neon pink and green is always an option. Consult with your stylist before you color your hair, as it also depends on the texture and the way you have locked your hair.
Accessories that look great on dreadlocks are beads, rollers, clips, and dread sleeves. The peyote stitch helps dread sleeves hold your dreads and it is comfortable.
Accessorize It
Men can opt for Rasta accessories having a standard combination of green, yellow, red, and black.
Having said this, there are subtle differences among the dreadlocks, that more often than not, men have thicker locks than women do, and with the availability of manicured dreadlocks, both men and women can style it to give it a masculine or feminine look.
If you are planning to wear dreadlocks, then have a word with your hair stylist, so as to go about the right way which would suit your hair type. Once you have the proper know-how, go ahead and sport them with great confidence.