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Hairpieces for Women With Thinning Hair

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Hairpieces are a great option for women who are suffering from thinning hair. Here's more on the different types and styles of hairpieces that one could use.
All of us would like to have our hair in place when we leave home. However, there are days when it simply refuses to stay in shape, and ruins our entire look. Hairpieces are a great way of ensuring that you don't have a 'bad hair day'.
They prove very useful, not only in ensuring good looks, but they are also of great help for women with thinning hair. Hairpieces are available in various shapes and sizes, from the traditional wigs that our granny used to wear, to the more advanced ones which add length and volume to the hair.
You need to pick your hairpiece after determining the pattern of thinning of your hair. This will allow you to decide whether you need a hairpiece that covers your entire head, or you only have a few thin patches which can be easily camouflaged using hair extensions. Depending upon your study, you may want to choose any of the following hairpieces.


Wigs are popularly used among women who like to experiment with their look. They are used not only among women with hair loss problems, but also by them who are bored of their usual look.
For women with thinning hair, they are available in plethora of styles, colors, and lengths. Wigs are a great solution if you have excessive hair loss with prominent bald patches. They stick to your head like a tight cap, thus, there is no risk of public embarrassment.


Similar to wigs, falls also cover the entire head. However, unlike wigs, they do not fit tightly on the head, but have clamps for attachment. These clamps or combs are to be attached on the front hairline to secure a fall in place.
The other type of fall is used to cover the thinning patches in some areas of head. Thus, falls are useful for women with thinning only on some parts of the head.


If you have enough hair on the head, but have marginal hair at the back, then this hairpiece could be your option. Ponytails come in different lengths and volumes, so you can choose one which resembles your natural hair growth. You can also easily match the color with your natural hair, since they come in almost all natural hair colors.


Weaves are a semi-permanent solution for hair loss. Unlike the three hairpieces mentioned, weaves are directly sewn into the head. Natural hair is braided in rows, so that weaves can be sewn in between them. This can last for about 4 to 6 months.


Braids are similar to weaves, with an exception that, instead of hairpieces, individual strands of hair are braided in the hair. Braids provide an option in terms of length as well as style. If proper care is taken, braids can last for several months.
Hairpieces are indeed a great way of retaining your good looks, since they alleviate the damage due to hair loss. However, it cannot be seen as a permanent hair loss solution. To grow your original hair back, you have to undergo clinical treatment only, since that is the true solution for thinning hair.