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Hottest Haircuts for Round Faces for 2020

Mamta Mule
Browse through the haircuts for round faces, and you will find bob haircuts, straight bangs, and layered cuts as the hottest hair trends. Here are some ideas to grace your round face with the right haircut.
Are you tired of trimming and cutting your luscious hairs? Still haven't stumbled upon the right haircut that suits your round face? Well, perhaps you should first find out what are the most suitable haircuts for round faces before donning any celebrity hairstyles.
Your round face is an asset which can easily shine with the right kind of hairdo. But before you start experimenting with the latest hair trends, read about these simple yet elegant cuts for short, long, medium or curly hair which can make all the difference to your appearance.

The Trending Haircuts

Bold Bangs

For bold bangs there are no limitations on the hair length. It looks adorable on short, medium, and even long hair. Bold bangs gently caressing the eyebrows, gives a rock star look, you could see this haircut on Taylor Swift quite often.

Messy Short Hairstyle

The short and slightly messy hair, contrasting the gentle plain textured straight is the new haircut trend.

Ballerina Buns

The buns have broken the walls of the ballrooms and ballet theaters, and now embellish round faces all around the world. It also comes in a variety of choice right from the basic to the modified ones.

Tight ponytail

A thick and tight ponytail helps you to add texture to your face.
It also gives or provides you with a feel of longer face and high cheekbones. It is completely your choice to have a centre partitioning as a round face always looks perfect with all hairs pulled away from it.


The cute and short pixie haircut has been flaunted by a lot of celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Kaley Cuoco, Rihanna, Jennifer Lawrence and all have looked nothing but adorable.
Miley Cyrus even went on to trim out the edges to bring in a modified look. It's easy to get and easy to maintain.

Deep Part Bob

The short hair can be deep parted and the edges can be kept blunt for this look. Over the years there has been a very slight change in it, an addition of colors and the length of the bangs can be altered to suit the face.

Wavy Haircuts

Wavy haircuts pointing outwards, leaving a full exposure for your face looks pretty appealing.
Celebrities have embellished this look not only in the movies but also on the red carpets and film parties. It helps if the hair are curly, but even if it isn't the curlers can be used for a quick curly look.

Bob With Layers

Add layers to your bob and turn it into a completely new hairstyle.
This hairstyle was flaunted by celebrities like Portia de Rossi, Keira Knightley and Drew Barrymore. There are a lot of varieties that can be tried including different shades, textures, parts and lengths.

General Hairstyle Guidelines for Round Faces

Hairstyles for round faces can be tricky. You don't want to accentuate the roundness of your face by opting for the wrong kind of bang or cut. So let us get the basics right before clipping and trimming your hair to suit your round shaped face.


Though long hair is presumably high maintenance, nevertheless it's the best bet to divert attention from the roundness of your face and make it look thinner. The key is to make the long hair look sleek, thus eliminating the chance of creating a round appearance near the crown.
Centre Part Parting your hair right in the middle of the face is a flattering way to draw out attention away from the rough edges of your face and cause a face-lengthening effect.
This way you open up your face and its symmetrical features come into the light. Although people of varied face shapes can carry this look well, round shaped individuals particularly benefit by this look as it does not weigh down their face.

Hair Color

Texturing and coloring the hair to embrace the latest hairstyle is good, but remember to avoid face framing highlights that tend to focus on the chin and make it look more round.
You can produce a slimming appearance by highlighting your hair in dark and light stripes. If you are not too keen on your face shape, then coloring your hair in a dark shade can remove the edge off the roundness of your face. People use the hair coloring illusion to look thinner all the time.


A round face usually has well-rounded cheeks which need to be tone down to make the face appear longer. The best way to do this is to get an amazing well-cut fringe that covers up your cheeks. That's why long fringes are preferred over the short ones. Try to avoid a blunt fringe. Instead opting for a soft choppy fringe can easily flatter your bone structure.
While there are some hairstyles which are evergreen and suit all types of face shapes, they might not reflect your personality. So choose your haircut keeping all these things in mind. Ask for the hairdresser advice if you are still not sure. A round face is both feminine and sexy. You can add some bold touches to your face by going for a shaggy haircut.