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Haircuts for a Receding Hairline

Geeta Dhavale
With age, the hairline gets pushed back. When this happens, men and women feel horrible. Given in this story are some haircuts that will help you look amazing even though your hairline is receding.
Well, you have to accept that you are going bald and there is hardly anything you can do about it. Believe me, all those oils, shampoos, and lotions are useless for hair growth if the root cause is heredity, which is generally the case, especially with men.
The best solution for receding hairline is accepting it. It is no more boring, uncool, or something that you should hide or feel ashamed of. There are so many celebrities and individuals who sport their 'receding' look with grace and confidence and which really makes them look unique.
All you to need to get that attitude is a good haircut. This article tells you about the best haircuts that will help you regain your confidence, self-esteem, and compliments.

Haircuts for Men

Shaggy Hairstyles: Shaggy hairstyle are one of the ideal haircuts for men who have a receding hairline. All you have to do for this hair style is grow your hair out to a medium length all over the head and then go to a stylist and get a casual shaggy look.
This helps you cover the receding hairline without making you look untidy or clumsy. For professional and more neat look you can opt for shorter hair.
Surfer Hairstyles: Surfer hairstyles make your hair look like you have just emerged out of water, where all your front hair fall on your forehead and face. This hairstyle can conceal your receding hairstyle effortlessly.
All you have to do is grow your hair long enough so that they can easily reach your eyes. Then, trim them well and get them stylized from your stylist.
Buzz Cut Hairstyles: This is one of the tasteful and classy haircuts for busy men who do not have enough time to spend trying different hair care products. The rule is, less is more and beautiful.
It is meant only for men who wish to age gracefully or just accept the natural process as it is. Here too you can experiment with different lengths as per your hair texture and the face type.
Apart from this, you can think of shaving your head which is very much in vogue this season. These haircuts and styles are sure to make you look casual, easy, and a confident guy.

Haircuts for Women With Receding Hairline

Not many women have receding hairlines but their hair just go thin at some areas on the scalp, as hair loss pattern in women is different from male hair loss.
Hairstyles with Bangs: One of the most stylish and chic solutions for receding hairline in women is getting a good haircut with bangs. They can easily and naturally cover your receding hairline and are also very much in fashion.
If you have thin hair then combine the bangs with a haircut that will add volume to your hair. You can experiment with various hairstyles with layers that can suit your personality.
Layer Hairstyles: If your hair is going thinner at and around the center point of the scalp then choosing layered hairstyles is the best way to hide the scalp. It is better to go for a short layered hairstyle as it helps create a better illusion of thick hair.
Open Hairstyles: Women with thin and receding hairlines should avoid tying the hair together. Instead, they should always go for open hair that is blow dried or hairstyles that are puffy and have some volume. Tying hair tightly only exposes the scalp even more which highlights the receding hairline further.
With these ideas, it is easier for you to get a new haircut that can help you handle the receding hairline smartly. You may also consult your stylist and get some more ideas on how to style your hair better.