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Haircuts for Oblong Faces

Pragya T
Only certain haircuts suit the oblong face shape. Selecting a wrong style can make your face shape look even more prominent. Read ahead for some great ideas to choose from.
When it comes to choosing a haircut, always go for a style which is right for your face shape. Getting a wrong haircut can make your face shape look more prominent. A good haircut should always bring attention to your facial features and not to your face shape.
An oblong face shape is longer, and people with oblong face shapes have a long and straight cheek line. There are certain dos and don'ts you need to keep in mind when selecting oblong face shape hairstyles. Layered styles, graduated bobs, and sleek bangs look great, while middle parting, no bangs and too much layering at the crown should be avoided.

Haircuts for Men

Faux Hawk: Faux hawk is a popular style and is a popular men's oblong face shape haircut. To get a faux hawk, the hair needs to be at least 4 - 5 inches long. The stylist will cut the hair on sides into short crops.
This is different from the Mohawk hairstyle, where the stylist used to shave off the hair on the sides. Then the hair at the top is cut tapering. The hair is styled using a strong hold gel upwards and sideways.
Layered Style: Choppy layered styles are quite popular and look very cute. If you want the Zack Efron hairstyle, then use these ideas. Ask your stylist to cut your hair in a bowl cut, with the back hair cut longer.
The back and side hair are then cut into pieces so that they look tapering. The front hair is cut into side sweeping bangs. All the hair is cut choppy, and sometimes a razor is used to give the soft wispy ends effect.
Messy Style: If you have naturally curly or wavy hair, then opt for this style. Get some layers and keep the lower hair shorter. Get some side bangs. You can cut the bangs uneven. For styling the hair, wet it and apply a curling hair serum or sea salt spray to it. Scrunch your hair and let it dry. You will get sexy beach wavy hair.
Spiky Styles: For an edgy look, you can consider a spiky hairdo. For this style, cut your back and side hair into short crops. Then cut the crown hair into a tapering crop. Keep the hair near the forehead longer. Use a gel and style your crown hair spiky, and front hair sideways.

Haircuts for Women

Pixie Cut: The pixie haircut is quite a popular haircut among women of all ages. It looks extremely cute and brings attention to your eyes. It is also easy to maintain.
In a pixie cut, the hair on the side and back are cut into short crops. The crown hair is kept longer, and the front hair is cut into side sweeping bangs. Keep the front hair choppy for a great textured hair look.
Inverted Bob: The Inverted bob looks great on almost all face shapes. To get an inverted bob, the stylist will cut the hair at the back very short near the nape of the neck.
The side hair is cut longer. Many women like to get the sides cut a little choppy too. If you want you can accompany it with side bangs.
Medium Layered Hairstyle: Choppy medium layered styles look good on oblong face shapes.
To get choppy styles, get lots of choppy layers on both sides, and cut the hair at the bottom into pieces and tapering. All the layered cut hair should be flipped outwards. With this medium layered style, accompany side choppy bangs.
Long Layered Style: Long angel waves look gorgeous as oblong face hairstyles. So, if you don't have naturally wavy hair, then use a curling hair solution to style your hair wavy.
Cut your hair into a few layers, and cut the front hair into side sweeping bangs. That is all. This simple hairstyle for long hair will make your facial features stand out.
Select a style which you like the most and get it done by an expert stylist. To keep your style looking great, you will need to keep your hair clean and conditioned. Also, some products like hair serum or gel might be required for styling the hair. You can ask your stylist on how to style the hair, and the styling products that you will need.