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Haircuts for Long Straight Hair

Madhura Pandit
Long straight hair usually do not require frequent styling. A simple yet trendy haircut is all you need to change your look altogether. Here are some haircut ideas for long hair.
Naturally long straight hair have been in fashion for a long time and can never be outdated. They can be styled in many different styles. They have an added advantage that they can be managed without much trouble. But, one must choose a hairstyle that can be easily maintained.

Hairstyles for Long Hair

Having a perfect haircut depends on various factors, the most important being the shape of your face. Color of the hair and skin, haircut finesse and styling also plays an important role in having the perfect haircut. Therefore, a haircut that looks good in a picture may not suit you. You can check these ideas.

One Length Hair

You can have your hair cut in one length, and they will look gorgeous even if you leave them loose, as they are. You just need to style them with the help of hair styling wax. One length hair are very practical and can be worn in different ways. You can just let them be as they are, comb them in different fashion, or even tie them in a ponytail.
Layered Cut
It is one of the most loved and also the most versatile haircut.
Styling is the important aspect of a layered haircut. You can even try own creativity and have the layers styled in different manner; starting from 2 layers to multiple layers or side swept bangs. Although, it is not so popular, older women can go for a layered cut as it can be worn loose, without much styling, and also help in hiding wrinkles on the neck.
Choppy Hairstyles
If you are looking for more adventurous haircuts, you can opt for a choppy hairstyle. With their layers and cut, well-defined, long choppy hairstyles look fun and beautiful. The only disadvantage is that they don't go well with some face shapes.

Razor Cut

Razor cut layers with asymmetrical fringes, is another interesting hairstyle to try. Layers also help in giving volume to the hair. Fringes and bangs can completely change the overall look of a hairstyle. Your hairstyle can look either sporty or elegant and chic by just including bangs and fringes.
Another way to create a different look is to use curlers and curl your hair. Both, voluminous or subtle waves with fringes will make you look cool and adorable.
Maintaining and caring for long hair is quite difficult. Hair care routine depends on the type of your hair, whether it is oily or dry or normal. You should look out for natural products to retain the shine and prevent damage.
You should never use trial and error method with any products on your hair, as sometimes, the consequences can be harmful. It is also recommended to have your hair cut and styled from a trusted hair stylist who will also help you in choosing the right haircut.
Long flowing tresses, like that of Rapunzel, are said to always speak of romance and beauty. No matter what the latest fashion trend is, you will definitely love sporting long hair.