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Enchanting Haircuts for Long Faces

Saptakee Sengupta
Haircuts for long faces can be layered or straight. There are so many styles that suit long faces. Here are some popular styles for men and women.
Your hairstyle must perfectly suit your facial framework. If your face is long, you need to trim your hair in a way that the actual shape is retained. Your hair should not make your face look longer as it can increase the width of face if it's too long.

Cuts for Girls

The two things that are taken into consideration while selecting the right hairstyle are the length of the hair and the shape of the face. Hairstyles for long faces are similar to those for oblong faces. Girls with long faces should maintain the length to their necks.
Chopped Layers
If you have a long and luscious mane, just chop a few layers off. A razor cut hairstyle with uneven ends is ideal. The first layer should fall below the temple and three or four layers should fall in succession. Short razored styles look chic and fashionable.
Lengthy Curls
Girls who have loose curls must shape them. Lengthy curls is one of the best styles for this kind of face. You need not experiment much if you have curly hair. Get few short layers in front, so that the soft curls set well.
Long Bangs
Bangs are also a good option for these faces. Bangs increase the width of the face. Long or oval faces look great with bangs. Keep the length long at the back (V or U-shaped), and chop the bangs from the side or the front.
Wavy Blow Out
Wavy hair is ideal to experiment with. Hairstyles for wavy hair can be maintained short or long. Low steps from the back are perfect for long wavy hair, while a fringe on the forehead is good for hair that is shorter to the neckline.

Cuts for Boys

Men with long faces can try different hairstyles either long or short. Upcoming fashion trends have given way to a new form of hairstyles that make them look great.
Short Spikes
If you are looking for a short trendy styles, just get the spiky look. Chop the hair unevenly, and set with some styling gel to get the spikes.
Classic Cut
Classic cut is still in vogue today. It's one of the hairstyles that will never go out of style in the professional world. Although variations have developed, the original one is still prominent. It's combined with short bangs and is the best cut for long faces.
This is one of the most popular styles for men. The hair is twisted with hair styling tools and then combed backwards.

Short Shaggy
Short shaggy hairstyles are cute. Get your hair cut a bit longer near the forehead and short at the back. This style is the perfect for long faces. High school and college students are fond of this style. Get a wet look or leave it dry and casual.
Evolution of different styles and ideas have made people change up their hair. Flaunt your hair with beautiful colors and highlights to look the best.