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Super Cool and Ultra Trendy Haircuts for Girls

Pragya T
If you are looking for some cool and trendy haircut ideas, then you are definitely on the right page. Here are different haircut ideas for preteenage girls, teenagers, for thin hair, fine hair, and long hair. Take a look!
Only when you are young and carefree that you tend to experiment more with your hair and different styles. As you grow older, the tendency to stick to something that is tried and test seems paramount.
If you are in the mood for some change and are looking for cute haircuts, then a bob cut with a blunt Cleopatra style fringe could be the perfect option. But, if you are looking for haircuts for long hair that will look stylish too, then layered hairstyles are a good idea.
You have to consider a few things before you zero in on a haircut. Firstly, consider the age of that individual.
If you are looking for a haircut for a little girl, then probably short or medium haircuts are a good idea as they are easy to maintain. However, if you want haircut ideas for teenage girls, then you can choose among short, medium, and long haircuts.
Another point to consider is the shape of the face. For a round face, opt for haircuts that cover the sides of the face a little. If the forehead is a bit large, then bangs are a good idea. Bangs are also great if you are looking for some stylish haircuts.
Lastly, consider the hair type whether the hair is fine, thin, wavy, or thick. because certain hair types complement certain hairstyles.

For Little Girls and Teenagers


Kids look cute with short hair. A bob cut is a good idea; however, you can also experiment with different styles of bob, to make the cut look different. A bob with a graduated effect or stacked effect, or a bob with stylish sweeping bangs, choppy bangs, or blunt Cleopatra bangs are good options rather than opting for plain blunt bobs.


Pixie, Mohawk, asymmetrical trendy haircuts, short choppy haircuts, layered, wavy styles, etc., are some great haircuts for teenage girls.

According to Hair Type

Fine Hair

If you have fine hair, then pixie styles, sleek bobs, sleek layered styles, and sleek layered haircuts look amazing. Fine hair is easy to manage and trendy sleek styles are the best haircuts for people who have fine hair.

Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, then with the help of some techniques you can get a layered cut. This will make your hair appear thicker, and give your crown a nice full look.
Choppy haircuts add a lot of volume, you can also consider getting lot of layers to add volume. Stacked haircuts also make the hair look voluminous.
Long Hair
If you have long hair, and are bored of just plain, long hair, then why not consider a new haircut to make your hair look chic. Layered haircuts with bangs are fairly popular these days.
So, consider the given factors before you get that chic haircut. You don't want to sulk later on, do you? To maintain the haircut you will need to visit the salon every 4-6 weeks, depending on the haircut that you get.