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Haircuts for Chubby Faces

Geeta Dhavale
Having a little puppy fat on your face is nothing you should be worried about, as there are many hairstyles that will help conceal the chubbiness. Here are a few hairstyles that will suit chubby faces well.
Women with chubby faces should stay away from extremely short haircuts as they do nothing to flatter the face.
It is better they stick to shoulder length hair to get a svelte look for the face. Straight hair is also a big no no for chubby faces, as they do not frame the face well.
Instead one should go for wavy hairstyles and haircuts that add volume to their hair. The volume hides the fat effortlessly by stealing all the attention from the face.
Women with straight and thin hair can also use hair extensions and hair care products that would help them add some bounce and content to their hair. Another important tip for making the chubby face look thinner is opting for a side parting instead of middle parting.
Side partitions smartly conceal the roundness of the face by cutting it at a slight angle and making it look elongated. There are many hairstyles that serve this purpose and to know about them read further.

Best Haircuts for Plump Faces

Long Bob Cut

Bob hairstyles are ideal for round faces as they very subtly add length to the face making the face look longer and slimmer.
Another advantage of bob cut is that it helps you cover the chubby cheeks slightly which reduces the roundness of the face. Medium length bob cut, say, till chin length can also complement well to the chubby oval faces.

Layer Cut

A layered haircut makes your face look slimmer. Try to get many layers at the sides and on the crown to increase the volume of your hair making your face look small. Apart from this, volume of the crown adds height to your face making it look slender.

Side Bangs

Side bangs are a great idea to hide the chubbiness on the face. Just ensure that you do not go for front symmetrical bangs as they can make your face look fatter and rounder.
Instead go for wide swept side bangs that fall on your eyebrows or lower than that. Never go for shorter bangs that fall of the forehead as they would just make you look more chubbier.

Medium Length Pixie Cut

Pixie cut is versatile, involving various types of bangs and layers to get the desired look. It is a trendy yet cute haircut that women with chubby faces can adorn. Keep long side bangs with more layers at the ends and on the crown for chubby faces to look cute.
For more ideas, you can also talk to your hairstylist who will guide you about exact hairstyles that can suit your face shape. Also try to get some highlights on your hair as it helps you stray the attention of the viewer from your chubby face to the vivacious hair.