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Haircut Ideas for Kids

Ratnashri Dutta
Provided here are some ideas for those thinking of giving their kids a new hairstyle for a modern and cute look.
A cute and neat haircut, would make any child look sweet and adorable (not that without a proper haircut they do not look cute). Kids nowadays have become more fashion conscious than they were ten years back. They want the latest hairstyle, the latest dress, the shoes that are in fashion, etc.
Some of them even have their own make-up kit just at the age of 5 years. Furthermore, several beauty shops have come up which also grooms the children who are as young as 4 years. So, kids wanting to sport the best haircut, is not surprising. Hence, here are some ideas which might prove beneficial.

Some Ideas

While giving your child a new hairstyle, as a parent, you should keep certain points in mind. The first thing is that you should remember that they are children and not adults. What will look good on an adult, may not look good on them.
Moreover, they have soft features, hence, it's important that the hairstyle that you choose for them brings out their soft and innocent look. Do not give them a cut that would be difficult for them to manage. As they are kids, they would play in the mud, or some other place that's dirty and then it's you who will have a difficult time cleaning their hair.
There are also chances that they might have head lice which needs to be taken care of. Hence, always go for a haircut that they are comfortable in and that can be cleaned easily.

For Boys

You would have no problems while getting a haircut for boys. Their hair is short and not much of a trouble to manage. There are various hairstyle ideas, which you can try out like the spiked look.
You can choose from some of the various spikes or that of your son's favorite football player or baseball player. Usually, many love to sport the hairstyle of Cristiano Ronaldo, or maybe David Beckham.
Some other ideas that you can try out are the Caesar cut and the Buzz cut. In the former, the hair is first brushed forward and then cut to a short length. This was a cut that was once sported by the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar. Hence the name.
The next cut, which is the Buzz cut, is where the hair is cut absolutely short with clippers and if you think this hairstyle would give the look of a sheared sheep, then you are wrong. This is one of the best trendy hairstyles.
The layered cut is another good idea, mainly for boys. Cut the hair in layers in various parts of the head and this would give the hair a natural flow look, thereby giving him a cute and neat look.

For Girls

Girls have long hair, hence, sometimes it's a problem when it comes to deciding the best haircut that would suit them. However, there are several haircuts which you can try out for them. One hairstyle is the Bob haircut.
In this style, the length of the hair reaches just below the ear and this style does not need any effort to manage. Just tie it up or let it be. This is one cut, that would make anyone look cute.
Longer hair can be styled up in various ways. You can tie it up and then curl or roll up the end part. This would give a sweeter look. You can also manage the curly hair with the long curl look which runs from the crown and all the way to the end.
Pixie haircut would also be good idea. This is short and thus, can be managed quite easily. This would best suit a girl who has thin or fine hair. You can also try out some of the beauty pageant hairstyles for them. However, make sure that you do not give them a haircut that they are not comfortable in.
One can try the aforementioned ideas to give your child the desired look. These cuts are trendy and would not make them look older. It is necessary that you go for a haircut that suits them. Moreover, children tend to look cute in any haircut or hairstyle.