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Haircut Ideas

Veethi Telang
Hair cutting and styling is a very vast concept wherein a lot of things like hair type, texture, health, different hair styles, and even the shape of the face need to be taken into consideration. This story provides information on all these aspects.
Fashion is dynamic. What is trending one day is out the next. However, there are some basic concepts that all these styles are based on. They are mentioned ahead.

Haircut Basics

With a wide variety of hairstyles available, it is very difficult to settle on the most suitable haircut. However, with a little heed to the various hair cutting techniques, you can analyze the kind of haircut you want. Long-layered haircuts are popular among women.
Nowadays, people are also going for waves, faux hawks, wedge haircuts, chops, bobs, and pixie cuts. Given below are some other haircut options.
  • Stacked Haircut
  • Summer Haircut
  • Mullet Haircut
  • Layered Haircut
  • Asymmetrical Haircut
  • Messy Updo
  • Wavy Haircut

Ideas on Haircuts for All

Most times, you go to the salon with a decision to change your hairstyle but end up trimming your hair in the same old way. Given are some ideas that are easy to implement and will transform your look.


For men, a short and front spiky haircut looks the best. It's apt for both formal as well as casual occasions. Other than spikes, stylish layered haircuts that give a messy or out-of-bed look are another option. A safer bet for men with thin hair can be faux hawks. These styles are given below in detail.

Spiky Haircut

Short and messy spikes are very popular among men. You can color them with a blonde or brown hair color to give yourself a stylish and sophisticated look. This hairstyle has been greatly popularized by celebrities.

Messy Haircut

A messy haircut is a good way to style medium length hair. Get your hair trimmed, and dry it everyday after a shower, followed by applying gel to it from root to tip. This haircut allows men to style their hair as they want.
Faux Hawk
One of the most prominent mohawk haircuts is the faux hawk, which is sported by rockers, rebels, and teens. Scissors are subjected to the center of the hair at such an angle that the hair stands like 'ridges' of a hawk. The most important thing is getting this haircut done from a good salon.
Given below are some other good options that you can consider.
  • Military Haircut
  • Choppy Haircut
  • Faux Hawk for Curly Hair


There are far too many haircuts and styles available for women, which makes it impossible to zero in on a particular one.
However, before doing that, you need to understand your hair. This is a very important step. You should consider its health and texture, and then select a haircut accordingly. Take the help of your stylist for this reason. Given below are some popular haircuts.

Bangs and Layers

This is the most common and popular hairstyle, mainly because it goes with every kind of attire. These haircuts look beautiful and are easy to maintain. You can create different styles with long, straight hair. You can also go for side swept bangs that will greatly enhance your look.


If you're tired of your mundane hairstyle, you can opt for choppy layers or a bob haircut for a completely funky look. Pixie haircuts are quite popular.


Emo haircuts are a good option for girls who are into goth culture. A bob-like cut is one of the most popular modern hairstyles. A cropped, wavy look with a few colored strands looks very chic and stylish.
Short Wedge
Most working women find short hair extremely easy to carry and maintain. Also, short wedge haircuts are one of the most ideal hairstyles. You can get it done with a lot of variations such as swept bangs or layers. You can also go for inverted bobs, mushroom cuts, or tapered haircuts.

Shag Layered

For women who prefer styling their long hair differently, a shag layered haircut is quite suitable. It is a carefree and messy look which requires lot of confidence to carry off. It is the only haircut which suits hair of any length and any face-shape.
Given below are some more ideas apart from these five, that you can consider.
  • Wavy Haircut
  • Very Short Haircut
  • Spiky Short Haircut


Given are some popular and adorable haircuts for kids.
For Boys
Crew Cut
A crew cut is the best option for boys who love to play, dance, and hop around all day. It is easy to maintain and does not require combing every now and then. Also, hair does not get in the way of your child's activities.
Spiky Haircut
A spiky haircut is a very good option for boys who like looking stylish. This haircut is not very difficult to maintain and looks cute.
For Girls
Fringe Haircut
Little girls mostly love long hair and do not like getting it cut, which is why a fringe cut is a good idea. It does not require too much of hair to be cut, and looks absolutely beautiful.
Pixie Bob
In a pixie bob, the length of the hair stops right below the ears. It can be further accentuated with short bangs. Curl the hair or leave them straight, either way they look very fashionable. These are a good option for girls who prefer shorter hair.
Given below are some other good haircut options for children.
  • Braided Hairstyle
  • Haircuts With Bangs


Teenagers have different concepts of fashion and believe in experimenting with their looks. Today, they have a rather wider spectrum of trendiness. They believe in matching steps with the current fashion trends. Given below are some haircut ideas.
Sleek Layered Haircut
Talk to your hairstylist and go for a bowl cut. However, make sure that you keep the hair longer at the back. Front bangs should be chopped, and long strands near the ears should be left as they are. Ask your stylist to run a razor through certain sections of your hair for a sleek look.

Mullet Haircut

If you are a guy who doesn't want to chop off his long hair, then a mullet haircut is the best option for you. It's actually a combination of three or more haircuts. You can trim the hair at the front and the sides, while keeping those at the back as they are. You can also keep the front hair long, provided it doesn't bother your view. Use hair gels and creams to create different styles.

Medium Emo Haircut

A medium emo haircut is a fantastic choice for teenage girls. You can straighten your hair, and add layers on top with the sides swept back. You could also cut some blunt bangs and create different styles by straightening them. Add fringes and color them in stylish shades.

Side Fringe Haircut

If you want to make your long hair look very stylish and fashionable, a side fringe haircut is a very good option. All you have to do is add a lot of layers along with sweeping bangs to fall on your face, which will make a wonderful style statement. To give them a punk look, you can even color these side fringes.

Haircut Ideas for Different Hair Types

The first step to choose a good haircut for yourself is to determine your hair type.
It is always recommended to assess the length and quality of your hair before opting for a certain type of haircut. After all, it is equally important that the cut suit you. So, keeping in consideration all the types and length of hair, given below are some haircut ideas for both men and women.

For Long Hair

The best aspect about long hair is that it goes well with anything you wear. So, for women who are looking for good haircuts for long hair, an asymmetrical or V-shape haircut are two options. Asymmetrical haircuts look very good if you have the patience to take care of them.
For men who are looking for ideas to style their long hair, a rocker haircut or an emo haircut looks very stylish. Given below are some more ideas.
  • Layered Haircut
  • Punk Hairstyles for Girls
For Short Hair
Short haircuts such as a bob or pixie bob look chic on women. For men, a crew cut or tapered cut work well.

For Medium Length Hair

Shags, bangs, flips, and layers are some medium-length hairstyles. Taper the ends, texture your hair, make them messy, curl them, or chop them. Medium-length hair too have a variety of options in haircuts. Given below are a few.
  • Medium Haircuts
  • Medium Length Hairstyles

For Thin Hair

Do not fret if you have thin hair. There are a wide variety of haircuts such as bob haircuts, bangs, and layers, many of which will give your hair that much-needed bounce.

For Thick Hair

Thick hair is relatively easy to style because of its good volume and texture.

For Curly or Straight Hair

Ironically, women who have curly hair want straight hair, and women with straight hair want curls. The following are some fantastic ideas for curly as well as straight hair.
  • Short Haircuts for Curly Hair
  • Haircuts for Straight Hair

Haircut Ideas for Different Face Types

Wrong Hairstyle + Wrong Face Type = Disaster

Understanding your face type before going for a haircut is the most important thing. A wrong haircut for your face type can completely defeat its purpose. Compiled below is a list of haircuts for all face types, so that it is easier for you to choose the right one.

For Round Faces

Shaggy haircuts, bangs, and layers, or drop dead straight hairstyles, all go well with round faces. There are many trendy haircuts that look very chic and stunning, which you can try out.
For Oval Faces
Oval faces are the most common face types, and numerous haircut options can make them look even more beautiful. For example, romantic bobs, shags, or graduated short haircuts look best on this face type.
For Long Faces
Waves and curls look the best on people with long faces. There are many options in haircuts for long faces that you can try out.
When it comes to hairstyling, the list never ends. The options are numerous and many times, exhausting. However, it is not very difficult to select a style that suits your face and hair type and makes you look gorgeous.